Scary Excursions Can End Positively

Runaway horses are not all that uncommon at our place.

Unfortunately, they  frequently head straight for the major highway. More than once, there has been loss, but thankfully no human suffering other than automobile damage.

To make a bad situation worse, a harnessed Standardbred hooked to a cart got lose and ran berserk on the pavement heading north. While he’d been spirited during the workout, “all hell broke lose” when we dropped one driving line.

Surprised as we were, the horse stopped momentarily, and we stepped out of the cart to catch him by the bridle, when he charged away. Our heart couldn’t even beat as a cattle truck approached from the south and passed the runaway in the opposite lane.

The  horse went about a quarter of a mile, saw nothing on the thoroughfare, abruptly turned around and came back in the same lane.

Another car approaching from the other way didn’t slow down as the driver glared out the window zooming past the horse securely attached to the two-wheeled vehicle.

A right turn into the driveway never slowed the horse rig one bit as it headed straight toward big round bales stowed away in the backyard.

Two bales were setting just wide enough apart for the steed to get through, but the cart was caught, instantly breaking it free from the harnessed animal. Soon realizing he was detached, the horse too stopped, and stood in trembling bewilderment.

We caught the charger and tried to pacify his excitement. It was impossible to hook back up, because the single tree was broken as was a line that had been torn from the bit.

After overnight repairs, horse and cart were again hitched, and driven without serious mishap. But, Ole Blacky never did get over that traumatic experience, and he was always too fast and edgy for relaxed country driving.

Yet, it reminds us of  Job 39:19:  The horse paws the ground fiercely, eager and spirited, then charges into the fray. He laughs at danger, fearless, doesn’t shy away from the sword. He quivers with excitement, and at the trumpet blast races off at a gallop.

Likewise, we must remember Zephaniah 3:15: The Lord has taken away judgments against you. He has cast out your enemy. You shall not experience or fear evil any more.