Generous Assistance Yields Most

Volunteerism is essential to the success and survival of most worthwhile organizations producing the broadest long term benefits for so many.

Again reminder came during a program last week when a veteran servant of the group announced retirement, and we looked back at her lifetime never tiring, never ceasing efforts for the good of others.

Solicitations seem endless seeking financial assistance for groups for whatever the cause, and that is generally required.

But, it’s those dedicated individuals who step up with no thought of personal reward, stipend or recognition, only success of the project for which they are working toward, who are generally the guarantee of any effort’s success.

Many are anxious to join, even pay membership fees, just to be on the roll call, and that’s where it ends. They don’t even come to meetings, and have no idea of objectives, or desire to find out, let alone put additional effort forward to accomplishment of endeavor.

Interesting, for a number of these folks, when attendance, or work is required, with an alternative of making a cash donation,  to maintain membership, they have no problem digging dip into their pockets. They obviously have more ready assets than desire to help.

Nothing lives on money alone. Like we tell youth horse exhibitors when they’ve had a bad ride and try to put the blame on their horse or another: “It takes work out behind the barn to accomplish anything.”

When the load gets heavy, success depends on those who are still willing and eager to roll up their sleeves, go above and beyond never ceasing in heartfelt desire and belief to help.

Most apparent of this unending dedication to cause has been seen often in rodeo and horse groups, insignificant starts developing to be some of the biggest and best in the country.

Many of the most worthwhile organizations and world achievements must be credited  to unceasing volunteerism, often taken for granted, shorted appreciation, or realization, such could not happen without unceasing generous offering of help and guidance.

Reminds us of Judges 5:2: “The people volunteered with abandon.” Because, First Corinthians  10:24: “Our foremost efforts should be to help others live well.” So, Philippians 2:4: “Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.” Since, Acts 20:35: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”