Mishaps Can Even Become Humorous Learning Experiences

Looking back is funnier than when it’s happening.

What are actually catastrophes in ranch life sometimes become humorous when thought about later. They are a highlight in the great life of a cowboy, even though some folks definitely wouldn’t agree with that evaluation.

Most recently a mishap that ended just fine, as with the others we’re thinking about, was a dangerous, life-threatening situation for what seemed forever.

Replacement heifers sometimes get into big round bale feeders when stretching for that last bite in the center. Generally, they get out on their own, or they will go over the top with prodding.

This time, the yearling got caught in the slanted bar opening as she was trying to exit a different hole than she came in. Her head and shoulders went through fine, but the hips were just too broad. She wasn’t smart enough to back herself free and jump out.

Every persuasion excited her, and before long the heifer was dragging the entire steel circular piece around the pen at a dead run. Her 43 mates became scared as well and scattered to the fence line as a herd attempting to find escape from all of the uprising.

Finally, the runaway-feeder combo wore down some, and efforts to free her from the contraption appeared fruitless, without a hack saw or cutting torch.

Attempts to bend the what-before-seemed-lightweight metal were unsuccessful, but the three-part assembly was departed, so the heifer was only entangled by one piece.

The bugged-eyed-heifer caught her breath, felt the lighter load and became a wilder runaway than ever before. Fortunately, all of her spectacular body moves in the rampage twisted the mixed-up apparatus such that on one sashay, she freed herself.

Without a scratch, the heifer showed some stiffness the next day, but otherwise was unharmed by the incident we’ll likely exaggerate when recalling to future generations.

It’ll be a while before these heifers become a calm, gentle herd like before the excitement. Some of them will likely always be a little skittish. Hopefully, the problem girl learned something from the experience and doesn’t create such excitement again.

Likewise, we must remember Proverbs 5:1: “Be attentive to God’s wisdom learned by actual and costly experience, and incline your ear to understanding of what is becoming and prudent for you.”