Giving Love Is What It’s All About

Writing is easy, but knowing what to scribe sometimes becomes more complicated.

We sure don’t want to overlook “The Reason For The Season.” There really isn’t very much  about the holiday spirit that we haven’t touched upon sometime considering the many moons we’ve been pushing the pen, typewriter keys and computer buttons.

Because we are forgetful, and importance of the meaning is forever essential, we have repeated ourselves. So coming up with what is most pertinent this year has been a bit tougher. Many ask: “How do you find something to comment about.” Our response: “There’s a story in every situation, and it should be told.” One word will start the flow.

Remember: “In A Manger In The Barn,” ”Yes, Santa Claus Has His Place,” “Symbols Of Christmas Trees,” or “It Really Is A Birthday Party”? Accompany those with features about growing Christmas trees, holiday parades, nativity scenes, special programs and unusual services; it’s not that we haven’t been there and done that.

Yet, we really need to emphasize the importance of Christmas greetings. It’s time to reflect of all our friends and neighbors with good tidings and warmest of cheer. Newspapers will be overflowing with holiday messages this week, and every other media will be spreading good words of the season, even if in a commercial connotation.

Every single person appreciates any form of salutation, and receiving a card in the mail makes the recipient’s heart leap without fail. Excitement of opening the mailbox to see “how many came today” has no age limitations.

Return addresses must be scanned before taking a step, and one can hardly wait to rip the envelope. We prioritize with that from the long-forgotten acquaintance being opened first, accompanied by the thrill they’re still around and really do remember us.

Contents vary greatly from a computer-generated name of the sender, to a few difficult-to-decipher well-meant greetings and harder-to-read signature, to long-drawn-out intimate recollections of the past 12 months or even longer. We sure do appreciate every one, so we know that others like to receive their cards just as much.

Our record of spreading holiday wishes has varied from broad-sent simple postcards, to detailed letters, to plain over-the-counter cards, to expensive cowboy pieces, to just nothing, sorry to say. Interestingly, two days after we mail cards, the mailbox is flooded with responses of those who wouldn’t have sent us one if we hadn’t thought of them first.

There is the true meaning of all this commotion. Regardless of individual personal prejudices, opinions and differences, importance of remembering, loving and giving to one another in whatever form is truly what the season is all about.

It is told in Matthew 20:28: “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve” Thus, Hebrews 13:16: “And do not forget to do good and to share with others.”

We again express the right words: Merry Christmas.