More Respect Would Make Better World

Respect is perhaps one of the most important words of action there is.

Yet, disrespect might be a more common description of a large part of society today. We’ve talked about rudeness before, and respect is just the opposite of that.

Dictionaries have a variety of definitions for respect, and the word can be used as both a noun and a verb. When we refer to respect, we mean courtesy, esteem, value, consideration, admiration and even reverence.

In everything we do, respect for another is so necessary. As one drives to work or across town, it is essential to always yield right of way to another’s actions, and have the courtesy to respect their maneuvers even if sometimes it might be wrong or even illegal.

Opinions on all subjects from politics to horse types vary from one to another, and that’s not bad. Even though we perhaps can not understand why one would prefer something distinctly different than we do, one must respect the value of their personal judgment. Feelings can be easily hurt by a wrong word or action which shows disrespect.

Conversations seem to become so lopsided, such that one does all of the talking and never lets another get a word in edgewise. Even if the listener becomes offended at that predicament, consideration must be given to the talker, with hope that perhaps one word might be offered by the respectful listener to strike a comprehending bell.

Property, be it buildings, personal real estate, public areas or roadsides, is greatly abused. This is apparent by non-repair of structures, of prime agricultural land, widely apparent graffiti portrayals on public property and tons of trash along highways and byways. We must appreciate and respect the entire environment.

Seldom do we see one let another go ahead of them in the shopping line, only occasionally does one open and hold a door to let another go first, and it’s been many moons since we’ve seen a person lend a helping hand to an elderly person walking across the street or rising from a chair. Every other deserves those considerations of respect.

Lawmakers have seen the lack of respect which has so long offended us by cell phone users. The annoying ring and even more offensive answering of a cell phone in a public place is so common that it often seems the norm, but is plainly disrespectful to everybody. Perhaps public cell phone use will be banned as they are when one drives.

Often one doesn’t consider respect between a cowboy and his horse, but for success that is as essential as anything. A cowboy must appreciate and understand that his horse has feelings that must be appreciated with reward for doing as asked. As essential for the combination is regard by the horse through manners and response to the request.

Respect is emphasized no less than 50 times in the Bible. Perhaps the best direction comes in Psalm 119.6: “Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all thy commandments.”