Society’s Demands Can Be Overpowered

Modern technology has won again.

Twice in the last two decades we have been forced to “bite the bullet” and bow to the ways of society. While many are pleased to be on the edge of technology and new-fangled gadgets of the world, we have always taken pride in sticking to traditional methods, or “the cowboy way.”

Green bucks and jingling coins are the best forms of currency, we’ve always contended. Yet, since an early age, we’ve been a profuse user of bank checks to handle our spending transactions. That’s mainly because we have lost the real stuff, on more than one occasion, much to the delight of those who have found it.

So, we don’t generally keep much money in our billfold. We used to always talk down credit cards, proclaiming we wouldn’t have one. But that philosophy was forced to change when car rental places around the country where we were to judge horse shows wouldn’t let us reserve transportation without a credit card number.

We were forced to get one at that point, and we’re red-eared to admit we use it for many dealings, even though we still backbite the way of life publicly.  We’ve never paid a late fee and certainly have never borrowed money.

Fast forward to present point of downfall. Cell phones, and specifically their vast use, have been another of our points of ridicule. What goes around comes around, so the saying goes, and again we’ve had to back off from our criticism of the devices.

Actually we knew it was going to happen, and for some time we had preceded and even slightly tempered our scorn, admitting: “We’ll have to get one some time.”

Well, it was sooner than later, and we now have a cell phone, just like the majority. Criteria for our new job included availability to a cell phone, so we gave in to the demand. We had no choice really, not unlike the credit card requirement.

Although most likely poke fun at us for even having second thoughts about using either, it still bothers our conscience. Especially, that is true because in both cases, we were forced into having them. We could have gotten along without either, but likewise we would have been refused important opportunities in our life.

Not that we don’t now use them, the important issue is that we were actually forced to acquire both a credit card and cell phone. If we can be mandated to have these to get by in society today, it worries us what more significant and important life-altering requirements could be forced upon us in the future?

It reminds us of Second Chronicles 26:11: “Uzziah installed the latest in technology. For this, he became a famous king. Everything seemed to go his way.” Likewise is the message in Psalm 140:1: “All they do is think up new ways and spend their days plotting. Stuffed with self-importance, they plot ways to trip me up.”

Perhaps, it’s said best in Romans 1:30: “They keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives.” However, we can regain confidence from Jeremiah 3:17: “Jerusalem will be the new Ark. All the godless nations, no longer stuck in the ruts of their evil ways, will gather to honor God.”