Pills Can Be Helpful Or Harmful

Medication is a godsend, yet it must be combined with common sense.

Effects of drug use are miraculous to say the least, and not only ease suffering and pain, but cure and heal as well. It is beyond earthly comprehension how such can occur. Researchers take the credit, and it is due to their development, without denial, but there is an unknown cooperating hand that finalizes the formula, one must admit.

History shows that use of healing medicines has been abused, because they can alter the body not only in curing, but in peculiar and pleasurable ways as well. Hobby drug use became prevalent in the hippie era. Illegal production soon spread to thievery, trafficking, murder and more. Law enforcement is still often called in on related cases.

Our concern is pill popping by the general public in the name of right and proper. Medications are big business these days. Consequently, pharmaceutical companies are major advertisers. If there is a problem, they have the fix for it; and if there isn’t, take their product to prevent the predicament.

In the Beetle Bailey comic strip, General Halftrack stops by the pharmacist and asks, “Do you have anything for a backache?” The pharmacist replies, “Sure, what side effect do you prefer? Headache? Heartburn? Dizziness? Constipation? Nausea?…”

Many commercials often take longer to list hazards of a medicine than to give the merits. Should a person really consume something that has more harmful effects than positive ones? Maybe the side effects are more dangerous than the sickness itself?

We became more cautious of taking pills when our college chemistry professor raved about the hazards of aspirin. We didn’t understand chemical reasoning, but we’ve seldom taken the medicine since. We did take tablets those times we fell off and broke our arm, our back and our head. Funniest thing is, how do they know exactly where the ailment is?

Some folks are against taking any drugs, contending: “God will heal me.” That may be true, but God helped create the medication, so he intends for it to be used, as well. Trouble arises when a tablet is taken for every ache and pain, or imaginable one.

One doctor confidentially evaluated his patients, “I need to hurry up and treat them, because if I don’t, the pain with go away, and they won’t need me.” Then there’s that equation: “The average headaches goes away itself within just a few minutes.” Often, the best advice is to just grin and bear it. A smile will truly cure a lot of ailments.

Overuse of pills and drugs is warned about in Jeremiah 46:11: “In vain you have used many medicines; there is no healing for you.” Yet, merit of treatment is given in Jeremiah 51:8: “Give her medicine. Perhaps she can yet be healed.”

Importance of attitude is told in Proverbs 17:22: “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” However, a greater power is revealed in Matthew 9:35: “And Jesus went about the villages healing every sickness among the people.” Like one friend said, “We can all use an added dose of  ‘medicine’ from the Great Physician.”