More Extravagances Than Often Considered

Oh, how wasteful we are.

Even as conservative and as much of a tightwad we proudly proclaim to be, we sure are a spendthrift, when evaluated honestly. It’s not just in a couple of places, but nearly everything we do actually demands more efficiency and appreciativeness.

Alarm clocks are a security device, so to speak, since the purpose is to get us up on time. Yet, more often we’re waiting for it to ring, and sometimes shut the noisy thing off before it disturbs our rest. Besides, most of the time we’re not going to get up at 5:30, anyway. We pout and procrastinate just about every day, and our squandering has begun.

One, two, three, four, maybe five or six lights are instantly switched on. The meter on the pole must be running a race around itself. One light, or a maximum of two, would be sufficient most of the time. Summertime, none at all are necessary, if admitted.

Breakfast is typically cereal or toast with peanut butter or cheese. One would think the cow was dripping, based on the milk used, when a half cup or less is ample. Instead of a smooth covering over the bread, it’s thick like peanuts were growing in the yard. Sometimes there are four slices, when two are enough. One piece of cheese needed, no more.

Of course, the beverage is coffee. It’s the instant kind which is sifted into the cup out of the jar, instead of accurately, conservatively measuring with a spoon. We should perk the real stuff, instead of consuming the easier, costlier kind.

For some reason, we dread dressing for morning chores, and often take longer than required to get going and open the door. Seldom slow in haphazard spreading the livestock chow, there is always apparent hay wasted outside stall gates, when the confined horses would have eagerly grabbed those extra lost bites.

Bath time is to calm down, although there really aren’t enough minutes to soak like we want. Many people prefer showers and contend less water is consumed with them. Not us, we use all the hot water the heater can provide, filling tub to the rim, hunkering down and sometimes dozing off, before we wake up and remember we still must shave.

By then, we’re already late, so we hurry with the remaining grooming requirements, jump into work clothes, barrel the car out of the garage and down the highway too fast, as verified by the County Mounties, more than once. We’ve just been awake an hour, and wasted more than can be justified in a week, let alone a day. Sadly, we’re not alone.

Forecast of such actions came in Luke 16:1: “There was a certain rich man, which was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods.” Yet, one must be aware of the warning in Galatians 1:13: “For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it.”