Dump Helps Yard Cleanup

“How in the world can all of those old tires accumulate around the barnyard?”

That question was rolling in our head as we spent two hours loading worn out pickup and car tires into the back of our horse trailer Friday evening.

Why the old tires are kept is beyond comprehension, but it got so the filling station was charging to keep our worn out ones, so we’d bring them home, saving a couple bucks, while rationalizing they’d be better than nothing, if we had irreparable flats.

That has occurred a couple of times, and we’ve used a few old tires to start brush piles burning, while a handful burned up in the yard trash. Still, we sure buy a lot of tires in order to have that many old ones strewn around.

At one point, we’d decided to haul tires to the ditch to “help prevent erosion,” which has been done occasionally, but then thought how useless that really seems to be. Moreover, if the tires catch fire during a pasture burn, the wiring inside would be harmful to livestock, environment and all.

Hauling tires to the county dump had crossed our mind several times, but others said there was a charge for that. Then, we heard the fee had been eliminated, so people in the county could unload car and pickup tires at no cost. Before loading, we verified accuracy with the dump boss: “Yep, that’s right.”

So, we got there shortly after opening, but the fellow in charge groaned when we told him we had tires to drop-off. “The tire shredder is broke, and we have those to do,” he informed, while frowningly pointing to put ours on the pile.

Obviously, the county lets us dump tires, because they can recycle for a profit. Truly, a win-win deal for them, and us; maybe it’ll help pay some of our taxes.

Reminds us of Isaiah 30:14: “Gather useless debris to be loaded for the trash.” So, Leviticus 14:40: “Throw it in the dump outside the city,” and Isaiah 30:22: “Good riddance.” Thus, Exodus 30:15: “Take thetax money and put it to maintenance.” Therefore, Jeremiah 51:4: “The cleanup crew cleans the place from top to bottom.” And, Luke 3:17: “It’ll be a clean sweep with everything true in its proper place before God.”