Everybody Has Special Qualities

“It was a life lived to the fullest.”

Recent passing of our favorite third cousin brought home just how mortal we are.

Maurice always held a strong place in our heart, despite forefront actions not appearing admirable.

Telling it like it is, we grew up fairly close to Maurice as his dad was our dad’s cousin, with frequent family involvements.

Heritage perspective, Maurice was born on the farm, as hospital care was unaffordable. With town jobs, his dad farmed, and we spent many youthful hours fixing fence, penning often-out livestock and helping the family move. Losing a not-yet-teenage brother surely impacted Maurice.

True stories likely better untold, Maurice smoked and had affection for opposite gender from early age, a dozen years’ perfect Sunday School attendance, best tap dancer at public recitals equal time, deadeye with his rifle, and rode the hair off Tiny Elzea’s runaway Shetland ponies.

A world class artist, his work not always reputable, Maurice won all track meet blue ribbons, a chess champion, could build or fix anything wood or steel, winning engine troubleshooting and welding events, served his country honorably, and operated any machinery, his adult profession.

Obviously strong in faith verified by loving nature in every way, delighted in photographing its beauty, Maurice’s fish stringers made professionals envious, even though merchandizing homegrown produce yielded incarceration.

Not recognized, Maurice was the most intellectual person we’ve known. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do, and nobody he wouldn’t help, many which he did.

Proud father of five, 13 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren all, with acquaintances from every walk of life, gathered nearly-filling his church memorial services, leaving no question about influence of Ziggy’s life.

Those claiming Maurice “didn’t get any breaks,” or “could have done so much more,” we argue emphatically.

Maurice made the most of his life the way he wanted it, only if everyone could be so fortunate. Maurice was special, eternally our mentor-hero.

Reminds us of Malachi 2:17: “God loves all,” therefore Psalm 1:5: “We must not stand in judgment,” because Acts 10:43: “One receives forgiveness of sins through His name.”

Thankfully, Proverbs 17:17: “Friends and families love and stick together through all kinds of trouble,” and Isaiah 41:6: “They always try to help each other.” Therefore, Genesis 15:15: “You’ll have a full life and die a good and peaceful death.”