Truly Exquisite In Every Way

“A beautiful woman.”

Always smiling, friendly, interested in another, busy mind and hands, immaculate home sweet home with delicious enjoyable mealtime, yet remembering her roots, often crediting those who’d been part of her life

One comment she made 50 years ago, we’ve vividly retained: “When you’re born, God knows exactly what you’re going to do, right down to the day you’ll die.”

That’s Freda Fisher, our most fondly remembered aunt,  who passed away recently.

Common to say nice things about somebody who’s gone, we’ve  always felt the same.

First memories are of Freda and husband Ted living in town, and playing at their home with cousin Brad, and cousin Judy around, too.

Big deal to a town kid, who wanted to be a cowboy, when the Fishers moved to their farm. They had a horse, Sandy, and there was a creek for fishing; that was the best life imaginable.

Then, the Fishers moved back into town. Spending the night, results came in that Ted had been defeated in his campaign for sheriff. Likely then one of the saddest times for Freda and Ted, now in reflection, it was the best thing that  happened to them.

Ted Fisher became a highway patrolman, and Freda, a beautician, living where the call came. Happy, prosperous, adventurous with friends throughout the world

Freda and Ted finally were moved to Topeka; Ted as a patrolman from an airplane, and Freda owned multiple beauty parlors. Sadly, we were “too busy making a living, raising a family and riding horses,” and apologetically didn’t make efforts to visit them.

Freda was there assisting when her parents, our grandparents, died, and when Dad succumbed. Thankfully, Freda, Ted and Judy were at Mom’s bedside throughout her terrible cancer sickness; we are eternally grateful, Freda and Judy were beside her at time of passing.

Freda and Ted visited us occasionally, and came to our horse sale several times, seemingly glad to be there. Visits to their home in recent years were always greeted with most congeniality.

Even as Freda’s sickness worsened, she still smiled. Forever, Freda Fisher: a truly beautiful woman.

Reminds us of Ecclesiastes 6:10: “Whatever happens, destiny is fixed.” And, Psalm 112:5: “She is a good person, generous, solid reputation, heart ready, trusting in God, ever blessed. An honored life. A beautiful life.”