Powerful Demons Uncontrollable

“Fire and wind are the two most dangerous things there are.”

Individually each is frightful, but put them together, and it’s difficult to comprehend anything more hazardous to man, beast or property.

Damage from wind can be alarming when just a few miles per hour, but increase it to driving speed, add circular movement, and it’s devastating.

Mansions have become ashes in minutes when blaze ignites, and seems to build wind intensity within itself.

Native pasture fires have recently been most noticeable by the smoke haze all in the air, and will likely increase considerably in days ahead.

While once a controversial issue, burning grasslands today is considered by vast majority important, or actually essential, to control intruding brush on pastureland. Likewise, research has proven vastly increased gains for cattle grazing burned pastures.

Although some native grassland fires have been intentional during the last of March and first of April, many have been started accidently, because conditions are so dry; a mere spark will ignite, and is instantly spread by wind.

In both situations, more pasture blazes have become uncontrollable as readily available fuel in ample dead dry grass is spread by almost tornado-like winds.

While ranchers and firefighters carefully coordinate burns based on fuel and wind conditions, nature is always the controlling power. Within seconds, wind direction and intensity changes, and mortal danger looms

Blazes cannot be stopped destroying not only the intended dry grass, but fences, homes, buildings and anything in the way. Livestock and even human deaths can occur, because   sometimes there is absolutely no way to escape the unmanageable blaze.

One media report showed eight unplanned burns going at the same time, as firemen were unable to get from one to the next, burning thousands of acres across several county lines, highways, rivers, and railways.

Although, we’ve never been in intimate danger, several times we’ve become frightened as pasture fire has increased intensity, and came right towards us, when intended for the opposite direction.

Reminds us of Psalm 11:6: “Upon the wicked, He will rain quick burning fire, and a scorching wind shall be the portion of their cup.” And, Isaiah 66:15: “The Lord will come in fire, and His chariots will be like the stormy wind.”  However Hebrew 1:17:  “He makes His angels winds, and His ministering servants flames of fire.”