Spring Brings Mind Change

“Boys will be boys.”

And, when spring comes, there’s obvious change in the air.

Most stallions are generally eager for romance, but it becomes enhanced every April. Honestly, the smell is there, and more obvious when the cute filly or even that old gray mare raise their tails.

Through more than four decades, we’ve owned lots of stallions and trained considerably more. Usually, when in a regular routine, stallions are quite like riding a mare or a gelding.

In public, certain stallions have such gentlemanly manners, through training, and/or natural disposition, that they get along with all other horses, never make a peep, nor cause disturbance.

However, most, or at least many, stallions, in our experience and opinion, do often create nuisance around other horses, even to a point of being hazardous.

These intact males, as sophisticates describe them, often talk loudly, giving awareness of their attendance. Nervousness and physical expression add to their mannerisms to the point of sometimes becoming uncontrollable.

Although we’ve exhibited, worked, ridden and driven our stallions at shows, on roundups, in parades and during public gatherings, with one exception, they created a bit of havoc, making us more nervous about the risks, than the positive results.

Until yesterday, we had five stallions, but surgery reduced that to four. While we only really need one, we’re still looking for our personal stallion of entirely our own lineage and training  to ride, show and drive for all purposes.

Somewhat contradicting that, we took a five-year-old stallion to another horseman for starting. In 63-years, it’s the first time, we’ve ever asked anybody to “break” a horse for us. We’re too lazy, too fat, but mostly too scared to do it.

Life takes changes we don’t like, or expect, and we’ll wait to see the outcome. Maybe this one will be the perfect mate for the six-year-old we’re riding, and we’ll have a matched team of gray parade stallions, our dream come true.

Reminds us of  Jeremiah 5:8: “Well-groomed, lusty stallions, each one pawing and snorting for the mare.” As Ezekiel 23:20: “Stallions obsessive in their lust.” Yet, Daniel 2:21: “He changes the seasons, and guides history.” Therefore, First Corinthians 4:21: “I come to you in a spirit of gentleness.”  Because, First Corinthians: 28:19: “All work is to be done according to the plan.”