Influential Friendship Prevails Eccentricity

Tom was and remains our  hero.

When one passes, the life is reflected. In depreciating health extended time, Tom had been away, and departed  during  the winter. With no close relatives, rites weren’t until now.

Exactly two dozen were in attendance as the brief  formal Mass was said, with few words about the Tom we knew. Frightful that’d be the case, we’re glad weren’t fewer, even though included three ministry, and seven distant relation.

Sad when one has lived long, known many and served more, yet receives so little reverence.

Unique in his own right, clearly was Tom, and aren’t we all, if honestly branded? Seeming to have always known Tom, remembering six decades ago when his Mom was a grocery customer, we’d deliver to their home across from the church. Tom generally met us at the kitchen door.

Plumbing was the family trade that Tom followed his Dad into for lifetime career. But, the family also had  a farm, where we’d hunt as a kid, and sometimes Tom worked there.

Faith and church were important to Tom from early age, and due to his locale, always knew changing clergy well. Once during high school, we stopped to nose around, and Tom, always the church guardian-of-sorts, inquired our doings. Upon admitting our inquisitiveness,  Tom urged coming back for morning services, which we did, instrumental creation of lifetime devotion.

Tom was sometimes called for plumbing repair, always willing to help despite inclement.

Ice cream socials and auctions forever found Tom attending. Never did he leave a sale empty handled, with nothing dispersed thereafter. Hoarding created neighbor disgruntlement. Yet, if we needed something, Tom had it.

Buying our windmill, Tom had a major ordeal dismantling it. That “great” horse Tom bought on one bid lost appeal with chores.

Mom’s close acquaintance, Betty became Tom’s seniority companion; their blessing. Marriage at her deathbed was eternal proudness.

Seldom missing daily church, summers found Tom even more cooling in the spirit. Whenever crossing paths, conversations were always farming, auctions and faith.

Reminds us of James 2:5: “Though friends can operate quite differently,” still, First Corinthians 1:26: “Friends can be most influential.” Because, James 5:10: “They  went through everything, never  quit, stayed the course.” Thus, Luke 6:45: “The man out of the good in his heart produces what is upright good.”