Home’s The Best Place To Dine

“Where are we going to eat?”

“We’re going to eat at home.”

Many people ask the first question, but few respond  the way we do most of the time.

So many families consuming a high percentage of their meals at commercial eating establishments is part of the cause for some of the world’s problems.

There is correlation between people eating away from home and high obesity, poor nutrition, increased debt and families never being together.

Helpings are larger, especially when waiters are trained to always insist on supersizing the order.

Nutrition wasn’t our best subject in school, and besides we were calculating horse and cattle rations, instead of human diets.

Yet, everything we hear indicates that most fast food is high in calories, cholesterol, and other chemicals that are harmful to our health.

Groceries are costly, but still, a meal can be prepared more inexpensively than purchased at a restaurant.

There are economical items, but other than us, and a few people even more mature than we are, most get the highest priced food available, according to our limited personal survey.

Those “grabbing a bite on the run” aren’t concerned about eating with family, so no one knows what the other’s been doing, plans to do or anything about them except: “Where did you eat?”

Conversation among coworkers often centers around restaurants, comparing one to another. There’s always an on-going contest to eat at every café in town, and beat the others there to give the first report.

Before, we’ve mentioned that horse show judges are no different in that the most important thing before the show starts is “Where are we going to eat?”

To us, there’s nothing better than eating at home, and we’ve dined at some of the top restaurants in the world. We’ve eaten out more than our share of the time, especially growing up, but it’s never as good as home cooking.

Therefore, the next time somebody asks: “Where are breakfast, dinner and supper going to be?” Respond: “At home, of course.”

Reminds us of Luke 10:7: “Stay at home, taking your meals there, for a worker deserves three square meals. Don’t move looking for the best cook in town.” Likewise, Acts 2:46: “They ate at home, every meal a celebration, exuberant and joyful, as they praised God.”