Nature’s Cooling System Still The Best Of All

Just roll the window down and cool off with nature’s air.

Majority of the population has been spoiled by air conditioning. No statistics back it up, but artificial cooling systems are probable cause of the increase in summer colds, flu and breathing disorders


Personal surveys reveal that less than 5 percent of other drivers are cooled by the wind. We are the minority with our window down and free air blowing.

Our vehicle, home and office have central air as do most, and that’s when problems can arise. The body system doesn’t readily adjust to the drastic outside temperature change. Sweat pours, tension rises, complaining soars, and overheating and strokes set in.

Worst case scenario is the farmers and ranchers who always have their pickup and farm machinery air conditioners running full blast. How can a person be healthy with the cold wind blowing straight on the face and then step right out into the hot weather to make a mechanical repair, finish another project or even do routine livestock chores?

Solution isn’t complicated. We can’t do anything about our office temperature, but we sure can do our part to acclimate to the outside environment. Wherever we drive, our windows are rolled down, and we feel nature’s breezes. When we step on our first horse of the afternoon, we’re never overly hot and seldom feel discomfort from the

Days before air conditioners are easily recalled. Cars windows were down, and home windows were all open. A couple of small electrical fans were running. Remember when everybody at public gatherings was provided with hand fans? Farmers wore long sleeved shirts, gloves, straw hats, seldom complained about the heat and had few health issues.

Installation of central air cooling in our grocery store and grandma’s first window air conditioner were momentous events.

We don’t desire to return to the earlier days, but a little more common sense in using modern conveniences could improve health, actually make one feel better and save drastically on energy costs.

All of this artificial cooling isn’t really necessary. It is clarified in Psalms 103:16-17: “For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more. But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear