Honor Veterans For Our Freedom, While Working To End Wars

War is a terrible, dreadful fact of life; might we contend, a truly evil truth of existence.

It has been, evidently, since the very beginning of time. The entire Bible is overflowing with references to war, soldiers and military forces. Why? Why would an all-loving God, who cares so very much for even the tiniest embryo soul, allow war to go on? People demand power over another and won’t agree without a fight to kill the other.

With Veterans Day on November 11, we must remember those who have served and serve now protecting our freedom. Major U.S. wars have included American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan War and Iraq War.

We never served in the military of our country, but it wasn’t because we objected or tried to get out of the duty. A college student, our lottery number never came up, and we didn’t volunteer. Many in our family have served. Several uncles are decorated veterans, Dad served in the National Guard, and Grandpa was in the Army during World War I.

Had we been called, our life would have followed that of others in the community who served during the Vietnamconflict. However, as cowardly as it might sound, we were horrified about war. Grandma always said, “Soldiers go to war and get killed.” That stuck in our mind whenever we saw soldiers or heard about military, let alone war.

Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1938 for an annual observance. President Eisenhower signed 1954 legislation to change the name to Veterans Day, as a way to honor those who have served in all American wars.

The day has evolved into also remembering living veterans with parades and speeches across the nation. ArlingtonNational Cemeteryhas a special ceremony. There have been 42.3 million Americans serve in the military, with 651,008 killed in war and service. There are over 25 million living veterans, of which 17.5 million have seen war action.

Let us give the highest honor to all who have served and continue to serve so that we might forever boast this most wonderful freedom. We must do that November 11, and every living day of our lives.

With prayer, and heeding God’s word, wars can be ended.  Following three simple orders would lead us rapidly in that direction. Matthew 5:44, “Love your enemies.” Acts 5:29, “We must obey God rather than men.” Matthew 5:9, “Blessed be the peacemakers.”