Calving Is Miracle Despite Tribulations

Birthing is still the greatest of all miracles.

While it may be the most common and longest existing of all phenomena, the act of giving birth, whatever the species, is still incomprehensible to us. In our humble opinion, it can realistically and most simply only be considered a true act of God.

Scientists have researched birthing extensively, doing alls sorts of manipulation of cells. Life can be created in  test tubes, divided according to sex, cloned to make identical siblings and altered by many other sets of criteria. Yet, for centuries,
proliferation of all mammals has been dependent upon uniting of male and female

Production of livestock is our business, both horses and cattle, although we’ve raised other species over the years on limited basis. Cows are giving us fits now. Those romanced last spring by the neighbor’s Heinz 57 bull calf began calving in January, with the planned calving getting under way in February, and it will continue a few more days.

Behind a big snowdrift with a wind chill below zero, a smart old mama can have her calf, lick it off, and it’ll be up and running within minutes. Yet, on a warm spring day with green grass, a cow who’s had five previous calves without a hitch runs into trouble, this time. She either cannot give birth, the calf is born dead or mama herself is injured.

Most of the time, cows have no problems. Perfect scenario: both front feet come first, followed by the head and the rest of the body, without any undue stress on cow or calf.

But, we’ve seen the other side of the coin: forefeet back, head down or to one side, backwards, upside down, breech (calf is backward with legs down), hip-locked and the worst of all upside down, forward or backward.

Knowledgeable cowmen, such as our wife and son, can handle many of these predicaments. Sometimes, maneuvering the unborn around will permit birth to occur naturally. Other times, pulling is required and can often be done relatively simply with the right apparatus (not a tractor as we’ve heard of some using).

There are times though when only a veterinarian can get the job done, and they’re not always capable either. The doctors have performed a caesarean section a number of times, and the outcome usually isn’t good. Seldom have we saved both cow and calf. Cows who survive the surgery are sold before being given another calving opportunity.

Despite all of the tribulations which can arise, birthing is still that miracle. Such is foretold in First Corinthians 12:4-6: “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are
diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.”