Lack Of Attentiveness Is Costly

Always pay attention.

Our teachers started telling us that over five decades ago. It’s still three of the best words of advice anybody can give. Trouble is, many don’t listen, and certainly do not
follow it.

Despite continuous efforts to be obedient to the command, we are probably at head of the line changing topics of comprehension, as our mind regularly strays, whatever we’re doing. Intentions are generally directed positively, but our wits must be so  cluttered and overflowing that soon something completely different has entered our brain.

Never accused of being a daydreamer, yet, our mind is always circulating. We’re always thinking about something, and the topics change in rapid succession. It might be a horse one second, a story the next, a show another and still something else seconds later.

Add to the dilemma, nowadays we seem to have such a short memory; we’ve forgotten the first subject we were thinking about by the time we get to the third, let alone the fourth and the fifth. We are going to have to start keeping notes on our thoughts, if we can get them scribed before the next one comes.

No denying it, short attention spans are costly in many ways. Moreover, they’re very hazardous. Majority of the time when we’ve had a horse wreck was when we weren’t paying attention. Everything is going jolly folly, and our mind’s a jillion miles from what we’re doing, but our mount is in serious concentration, and the world comes in two.

Few people have as terrible a record for traffic citations as us. Seldom is it when we’re in a tizzy, but our lead foot puts the pedal to the metal, as our mind is thinking about whatever else. Next thing we know, the flashing red light is in our rear view mirror.

Driving’s not our forte, as we often go onto the side of the road creating a cloud of dust. We’ve even sideswiped bridges and dented the car as our mind drifts away.

Long-winded visits with acquaintances put us into the predicament as well. We’re listening intently, nodding our head in agreement, politely smiling, and unintentionally before we know it, we didn’t hear the important question he asked us.

Missed test questions during our schooling generally must be blamed on the wandering mind, too. Most serious mind straying might come on Sunday mornings as we don’t want to miss a single word, and sure enough first thing:  “What did he say?”

First warning comes in Exodus 23:21: “Pay close attention to Him, and obey His instructions.”Jesus follows with advice in Saint Mark 4:24: “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given and receive.”

Best summary is in Galatians 6:4: “Pay careful attention to your work, and you will be satisfied with your job, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.”