Wind And Sun Are Nature’s Clothes Dryer

Solar-powered clothes dryers for sale.

Sure had us fooled. When we saw a sign advertising such at the welding shop of our rodeo traveling partner from four decades ago, we thought he had a unique invention for some energy-saving device that would be an economical asset to housekeeping.

Now, we’ve always admitted to being naïve, but this had to be the best “living proof” of who we are. Not once, but for more than a year, every time we’d go by his place, we’d nod to ourself with a feeling of achievement for the inventor, and vowed we’d
stop one day to visit our ole friend and see just what he had made.

Finally, like a light bulb, one day we came to our senses: “Oh, that’s clothesline poles.” Yep, they certainly are a solar-powered method of drying clothes. A Number 9 wire   strung tight from pole to pole is still a common way to dry garments. It’s really the method recently washed and wet clothes have been dried since the beginning of time.

Electric-powered clothes dryers are now universal appliances in most homes, but some houses don’t have that modern convenience. Yet, certain people still prefer the   old-fashioned method of hanging clothes outside to let the natural breeze dry and give them that smell and feel of the wide open outdoors.

Some folks, though, are dead set against outside drying, claiming the clean clothes get dirty again. That can be the case, if there’s dusty wind, so one must be selective when those conditions exist. How are the clothes going to be dried then? Well, hang them on one of those circular clothes hangers in the kitchen, bathroom, mud room or

When the handy clothes dryer doesn’t work, which has recently been our predicament, that’s the answer as well. It’s especially true since we don’t have a clothesline any more. We welded the original poles, dug and tamped the holes and stretched the wire nearly 38 years ago. But they were in the way when we built a new home, and we never did put the clothesline back up.

Seems a frequent cowboy movie scene was when the bad guys would come galloping through a barnyard on their horses, they’d get hung up and pulled off on the clothesline. It has happened to us, too. We weren’t trying to get away from any sheriff’s posse, but runaway colts took us under the lines and onto the ground more than once.

Our saddle has been torn up by the clothesline a couple of times as well, when a horse got loose and ran under the unforgiving wire. After two times of bolting the tree back into the saddle, our leather repairman said it was unfixable again. So, we really don’t mind not having a clothesline, though wet clothes hanging all over the swing set, chairs and other furniture do get annoying when the dryer doesn’t work.

A clothesline is like John 3:8: “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound, but do not know where it’s from or where it’s going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” Dirty cowboy shirts make one wish it could be like Mark 9:3: “His garments became radiant and exceedingly white, as no launderer on earth can whiten