Individual Preferences Make The World Go Around

It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

Thank goodness that’s the way it is. Otherwise, everybody would like exactly the same thing. Whatever it was, everybody would want the precise duplicate of every other person. What a boring place it would be. Initially thinking, perhaps there would be less conflict, because nobody would desire what another has. Each was equal to another.

However, governments have been tried, and do exist, with that philosophy. That’s not good. That’s bad. Those people have more and continual turmoil, heartache and abuse than when freedom of choice exists. We must remember to never forget that.

Some folks like red, others prefer blue, and there are even those who choose black or perhaps even white, no color at all. It goes on and on whatever the subject or object, brand of vehicle, kind of jeans, hair cut, music beat, topic of literature.

Each person is unique in every way, and consequently preference of mate is completely to one’s own preference. What one sees in another might not appeal or
make sense to outsiders, yet it is what suits that individual’s needs and wants.

Likewise, there is a demand for different breeds of animals, be it cattle, hogs, horses or any species one wants to discuss. From just a few cattle breeds, often serving duel   milk and meat production, there grew to dozens. They exist today, but most preference is still given to a handful.

Yet within those select groups, there are individualities. Where one places emphasis in type or criteria, another seeks contrast. It makes a variation that becomes in demand,  because one has what the other doesn’t, and consequently that is needed or wanted.

We were again reminded of this when attending a recent horse auction. What brings the high bids depends on the day and the offering. At a sale specializing in horses  ready to ride to work, high quality young horses with future, but not ready, go  begging.

Beautifully-conformed horses can have no takers compared, to an ugly, rough-looking mount to ride in the pasture or arena. Anther day, another place, it will be just the opposite. Where weanlings sell high, riding horses often have no market, comparatively.

Color sells, as the saying goes. A decade ago, black and white spotted horses sold high regardless of looks. Today, there is not that preference, no matter how pretty they might be. Examples can be related in other partialities as well. At a Buckskin sale,
beautiful bays won’t get a nod, while a dingy dun raises nods.

Each to his own choice: It sure is good everybody doesn’t like the same thing. We are reminded of First Corinthians 12:5: “And there are differences of direction, but the same Lord.” Likewise, we must not forget Job 23:13: “But He is uniqueand who can
turn Him? And what His soul desires, that He does.” Yet, clarification comes in First Chronicles 24:5: “All tasks were assigned to so that no real preference would be shown.”