Fundraiser Effort At Valley Falls For Farmer Suffering Stroke

“Community is coming together in a time of another’s need.”

That’s the way it’s been for farmers since the beginning when one experienced hardship and work must still be done, neighbors, friends and family from many miles and counties around come to assist.

Roger Wood

Certain good things never change, and one Jefferson County farmer has certainly had some down times. So, a community fundraiser has been planned to help his recovery in the best effort.

Roger Wood, who farms between Meriden and Valley Falls, suffered a stroke on April 10, 2014. There has not only been extreme physical ailment, but also considerable medical costs as one would expect, actually much of which is not covered by his insurance plan.

Thus, his daughter Amanda Wood with many cooperators initiated activities to help provide  financial assistance  for this Sunday, Aug. 23, at the fairgrounds, 19th and Frazier, in Valley Falls.

“The stroke affected all of Dad’s movement on his left side,” Amanda informed.

However, she quickly clarified, “If you knew Dad, he is the type who ran 90-miles an hour, and would do anything for anyone I need.”

Wood is currently taking physical therapy in a pool three days and week, along with speech therapy.

“He has a tough time getting motivated, but there has been progress which is encouraging,” Amanda said.

However, she emphasized, “The insurance coverage just isn’t enough to get him to the recovery we are hoping for.”

Thus, the neighbor-help-neighbor plan is underway. “With the funds raised, we hope to acquire a personal trainer, and a chair lift, so Dad’s recovery will continue, and he will have better mobility,” Amanda explained.

The family-style carnival event Sunday is set from 11 o’clock to 6. Anticipated attractions include a dunk tank, bake sale, karaoke and a variety of kids’ games.

“There will be a public auction with a variety of consignments already in, and more being made daily, and hourly. It’ll be worth the effort just to come see what’s selling, let alone all of the other entertainment, and good farm family activities,” Amanda claimed.

A GoFundMe account has been set up on the Internet for accumulation of donations and financial assistance.

Tickets are being sold for a raffle for one’s choice of a Glock Model G27 semi-automatic 40-caliber pistol, or a Kel Tech 12-gauge shotgun. Tickets are available at several businesses in Valley Falls and Meriden.

Wood and his wife have five children and six grandchildren. Along with a cattle operation, he is also a heavy equipment operator.

Jefferson County Commissioners honored Wood last September for more than 10 years on the county’s Planning and Zoning Board, which he served as secretary.

Volunteers have also been asked to help with Sunday’s activities, and are encouraged to call Amanda to assist, or for additional information at 913-669-1718.

Those desiring to make financial contributions, but who won’t be able to attend the event should go to