Update On Industry Concerns At Beef Producers Information Seminar Friday Morning In Emporia

Despite tallest, lushest Bluestem grasslands and clearest, bluest most ample water supplies in recent memories, and continuing nearly the highest markets in history, Flint Hills cattle producers still face a few dilemmas.

“It’s sure a good time in the cattle business, nobody will deny that, but we’ve planned this year’s Beef Producers Information Seminar to assist cattlemen in a few issues that remain as thorns to the industry,” announced Kelly Lenz, program coordinator and longtime renowned farm director at 580 WIBW.

Set for Friday morning, Aug. 21, the annual 580 WIBW breakfast session is planned at the Lyon County Fairgrounds in Emporia, as highlight kickoff for the Flint Hills Beef Fest, according to Lenz.

Live broadcast of the world-acclaimed 580 WIBW Ag Roundup program from the fairgrounds will begin at 6 o’clock, when cattlemen are welcome to start gathering.

Many of the nearly three dozen sponsors of the seminar will be in attendance with displays and anxious to discuss opportunities available to the beef industry in the Flint Hills.

Serving the complimentary rancher’s breakfast starts at 7:30, and the informational program, introduced and moderated by Lenz, is set for 8:15.

Days of hanging cattle thieves from the nearest cottonwood tree are long gone, but cattle stealing, although perhaps difficult to believe in modern society, is still truly a problem for ranchers. “Of course, the high values of cattle attribute to this,” Lenz noted.

So, Kendal Lothman, special agent for the Livestock and Brand Investigation Unit of the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, will be the seminar’s leadoff speaker: “Responding to Cattle Theft.”

Politics sadly likewise continue to haunt cattle producers with rulemaking often by those ill-informed, yet immensely affecting the industry profitability and environment of rangeland. Kristina Butts, executive director for legislative affairs of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, is to present a “Washington Update.”

In a repeat appearance at the August beef program, a speaker at other 580 WIBW meetings, and a daily regular on 580 WIBW Ag Programs, Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodifies is to conclude the informational session reviewing his opinion for “The Beef Market Outlook.”

This important beef industry program and breakfast meal are again free of charge to all attendees thanks to the sponsoring beef industry businesses, but it’s essential to make sure everybody has a full plate, and perhaps seconds, too.

So, reservations are required by calling the Lyon County Extension Office, which is cooperating with the program, at 620-341-3220. Or, just e-mail kelly.lenz@morris.com, and he’ll tell the cooks how much to get ready.

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Kristina Butts
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Tom Leffler