Kinfolk Follow In Belief

“Family tradition continues for generations.”

Songs have been written about such, and when another family member follows in boot steps, so to speak, of their dad or mom, certainly there’s specialness to it.

If that profession, trait, unique ability continues on to a grandchild, there becomes even added meaningfulness.

However, more often than not, one’s dedicated interests and talents do not extend into continuing generations, sure not into the third and beyond.

A staunch breeder, of be it horses, cattle, dogs, whatever livestock or animal, works heart and soul for a lifetime fully expecting their successors to continue such dedicated pursuit. Sometimes that second generation does follow in effort, though typically not with intenseness of the first.

Sadly, that’s generally the end. There are exceptions, and fortunately  initial endeavors do sometimes survive with those who appreciate the persistence that has gone into a program.

It was especially heartwarming this week to announce pedigrees for an annual production sale of a Quarter Horse breeding operation that is continuing into the fifth generation of the family.

A renowned Flint Hills cowboy passed his cowboy traits and horse breeding  to his son who expanded them most enthusiastically, bringing his children and grandchildren into the program.

When an accident tragically cut his life short, some circles aired quiet concern that the Quarter Horse breeding of two generations would end, despite apparent family interest.

Fortunately this time, the horse operation continued with the third generation and her dedicated spouse.  Now, the fourth and fifth generations are also a key part of the program.

They worked most energetically, enthusiastically together during the 35th annual sale on the last Sunday of September.

Truly extraordinary for anything to continue for five generations, but it’s also quite uncommon for one family operation to have 35 production sales.

Studying records nationwide, there are few with that longevity, but the Cooper Quarter Horse Sale with new facilities in the heart of the Chase County Flint Hills continues an inspiring family tradition.

Reminds us of First Corinthians 11:2: “You firmly hold to the traditions just as I have passed them on to you.” Thus, Esther 9:26: “It becomes a custom for them, their children, to remember that date every year.” Therefore, Genesis 17:9: “You shall keep the pledge, you and your descendants after you throughout their generations.”