Sharing With The Needy

“Waiting in Your Welfare Line.”

That’s the song by Buck Owens, one of our favorite “cowboy” singers during high school. And, we haven’t been able to forget the title since going to check out retirement.

Of course, when we called, the computer answered: “You can do it on on-line.”

“No,” we responded loudly, and another recording: “Wait.” Well, we waited, waited, waited, and then the machine: “Wait.”

Finally, 26-minutes “wait,” a woman answered: “Social Security.” Cowboy nice, we asked to “set up a retirement appointment.” Instantly: “You can do it online.” After, four times repeating question, the phone answerer consented to meeting in two months: “This is a busy office.”

Taking when we could, calendar was marked, but just days before, an unforeseeable conflict arose.

Being congenial, we called to cancel the appointment, and, after only 22-minutes rigmarole, a lady responded. “You can come in any day at 9 o’clock, and be served in 15 minutes.”  Why hadn’t we been told that before?

Uncertain of office location, we found it readily, more than a half-hour ahead of time. Three cars were in the parking lot for “customers,” which seems peculiar to us, for such a “government service.” Two women went to all three locked doors, marked “Open 9 a.m.,” shook them each, scowled, got in a car, and drove off.

Shortly, another pair went and stood at the door, 30 minutes before time, then two more, and by 10 till 9, there were a dozen people, all but one young and healthy appearing, waiting at the doors, so we “got it line.”

At time, pot-gutted uniformed-lawman, with gun, billie club, five more devices on heavy-laden belt below his paunch, opened doors, and waiters pushed through, as two dozen behind us crowded, too.

Check-in computer spit out a number, and we waited 20-minutes, until “seven” was called. A woman behind a window and computer quickly told us: “You can’t have any.”

Don’t think all those “Waiting In Your Welfare Line” got that answer, but we’re “not eligible.” Fortunately, we really don’t need it now. They do, so we’re letting them have our share, for a while.

Reminds us of Ephesians 4:28: “We work hard so that he will have something.” Then, Nehemiah 2:10: “Come see about your welfare.” So, Acts 2:45: “Share with everyone in need.”