Blessings Are Aunts, Uncles

Uncles and aunts are very influential relatives.

Perhaps, we ought to put them in different order; aunts and uncles are so important.

Yet, these kinfolks unfortunately are often taken for granted, and frequently underappreciated.

Several of our uncles and aunts have been very close to us, feeling for them as second parents, of sort.

Yet, we’re guilty of not realizing just how big a role in what we’ve done must be attributed to our aunts and uncles.

A harsh reminder came Christmas morning when we decided to call our one surviving uncle to express holiday greetings, and found out he’d been hospitalized two days. No attempt to talk had been made since a Thanksgiving Day get-together with him, and his family.

Sadly, there are no surviving aunts, our remaining uncle’s wife, one of mom’s sisters, passed away early last year.

Redialing to our uncle’s hospital room, he answered one ring, barely audible due to voice ailment, but instant noticeable brightening of spirit when we said: “Merry Christmas.” It was a quite brief visit, yet such a very significant one to him and us.

Slowing hanging up the receiver, reflections of that uncle, other uncles, and our aunts began overflowing. Such a treasured part of growing up and living, looking to for friendship, guidance and knowing without appreciation that they were always there anxious to be sought and help in every way possible. Now, just one uncle survives.

Of course, we only had 10 uncles and aunts; our wife had 21, and others have more. Consequently, we just have 11 cousins, fewer than many do, and reason to think of them now as well.

Oh, those family gatherings, special visits, unique gifts, helpful-guiding hands, going hunting, fishing a certain-pond, those darn dogs, fudge, their homes, that best desert, distinctive ways, the biggest jack-o-lantern, once-in-a-lifetime vacation, unsolicited needed-advice, train trips, and on and on. Thanks now to our aunts and uncles for all they’ve done for us, with gratitude seldom, if ever, expressed, but eternal positive inspiration.

Reminds us of John 19:24: “Jesus’ mother, Aunt Mary (wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene stood at the foot of the cross.” And, First Chronicles 27:32: “His uncle is a wise and educated man and tutor.” Most relevantly, Second Chronicles 22:12: “He was cared for by his uncles and aunts.”