Emotions Reveal Inner Soul

“Oh, what a truly sentimental journey.”

As we listened to radiothon broadcast to and from work two days last week, heartstrings were pulled so hard we almost had to turn it off. Yet, dutifully and faithfully, we stayed tuned.

That somberness strangely made us think of the hit song “Sentimental Journey.” It was one of the eight “78” (rpm) records in the little suitcase accompanying the record player we received as a Christmas gift at very young age

Anyway, not knowing or really caring much about music or singing, we still played every record in that case, especially  “The Strawberry Roan,” always close to our heart for obvious reasons.

Also, distinctly, we recall “Sentimental Journey” on the turntable, quite unaware how popular the song has been through generations.

Interesting about sentimentality, though. Several of the biggest, toughest, hardest working men we know, oddly, are also, the most sentimental, seemingly.

Brutes of strength, nothing they can’t do physically, with vast abilities to undertake and succeed the best at any task or challenge, sometimes outspoken, know it all, official on every subject, yet there’s a sentimentality that we’d never believe, if we hadn’t seen it, unexplainable really.

Talk about certain occurrences they’ve had earlier in life; or family, friend or loved one they’ve been affiliated, or mention of a long gone pet, brings a most apparent softening and paining change in voice, wetting eyes and sometimes uncontrollable running tears.

Admirable one must readily concede, yet generally unexpected from those of such domineering disposition.

Contrastingly, there are others with the kindest, most congenial, outgoing personalities who sometimes seem unaffected by similar happenings, showing no apparent change of emotion whatsoever.

While we’re generally not all that sentimental, we’ve been known to become wet-eyed with passing of loved ones, strained relations, losing cherished horses and even naïve children’s acts.

But, radiothon testimonials of cancer victims, families and survivors as well as unyielding, loving care provided by others were so tender, affectionate and emotional that our eyes watered several times.

Feelings of radio personalities and guest hosts could not be retained as their voices often cracked; even to the point conversation was forcibly stopped for a time being overcome by nostalgic passion.

Reminds us of Psalm 26:2: “Look close at me, Lord, test and judge my deepest and most sentimental thoughts.”