Special Entertainment Builds Even More Excitement For Circleville Rodeo

Success breeds success, and the Western action at Circleville is living proof.

Circleville’s always been kind of “a horsey community.” With annual horse shows, “raceos,”  occasional team roping jackpots, and the like, the Circleville Saddle Arena has hosted horse events for decades.

Rodeo clown-funnyman-trick roper Dalton Morris will entertain at the fourth annual Circleville Saddle Club Rodeo, July 29-30.
Rodeo clown-funnyman-trick roper Dalton Morris will entertain at the fourth annual Circleville Saddle Club Rodeo, July 29-30.

Then, the active Circleville Saddle Club decided to have a full fledged rodeo. First year was a success, the next year better, and the community affair has just kept improving.

“We’ll be hosting our fourth annual Circleville Rodeo, Friday and Saturday, July 29-30, starting at 8 o’clock each evening,” according to Susan Rollins, rodeo chairman for the host group.

“The rodeo is going to again be double sanctioned by both the United Rodeo Association and the Interstate Rodeo Association with contestants expected to participate from throughout the Midwest,” Rollins said.

“There is added money to every event in the rodeo which will help increase the number and quality of contestants,” she stated.

Rodeo Rose Productions, owned and operated by Brent and Stella Larreau, Hershey, Neb., will again produce the rodeo, with Brent  Larreau also to serve as one of the pickup men.

“Brent has a top string of bucking horses and produces several quality rodeos every year,” explained Rollins.

There’ll be bareback bucking horses, saddle broncs and rank-bucking, and mean-fighting bull riding competitions.

Steer wrestling is on the program, and  five divisions of roping: team heading-heeling, breakaway for youth and women, open tie-down and over-40 calf roping. Plus, cowgirls’ barrel racing is on tap for all ages.

“In order to get all of the younger generation involved in the rodeo, there will be a mutton busting, really a sheep riding contest, plus youth steer riding,” Rollins said.

Excitement is at an all time high as Dalton Morris has been contracted as the rodeo clown and funnyman.

“Dalton is one of the most demanded rodeo entertainers in the business, and we’re especially proud and fortunate to have him coming to Circleville,” Rollins verified

At three-years-old,  Dalton Morris entered in the mutton busting event at his home town rodeo. After  landing in the dirt,  Dalton decided it hurt his body, and he wanted to do something different.

That’s when Dalton put the makeup on and started his new career. He was known as “Disco Dalton” until the age of 18, when he first entertained for sanctioned rodeos. Then, he changed his named to simply “Dalton Morris.” Not only is Dalton Morris “just a rodeo entertainer,” he is also a trick roper extraordinaire.

In a mid-June Facebook post, Morris said, “Already, 18 years ago this weekend I put clown makeup on for the first time and stepped into the Odessa (Missouri) rodeo arena. This weekend I got to do it again in my home town. What a blessing it is to perform at home.

“I’m not gonna lie. I was a little nervous being that everyone that I grew up around was watching me. But, at the end of the day, I think that it was a fantastic rodeo I saw some old friends and met some new friends.”

Since then, Morris has entertained at rodeos in Paris Arkansas; Perry, Missouri; and Versailles Missouri; as well as Ottawa, Sabetha, and in Iowa and Minnesota before Circleville. “Obviously, we’re for really looking forward to having Dalton Morris at our rodeo,” Rollins added.

Adrenalin is high for the entertainer himself as well. “I’m really looking forward to being at the Circleville Rodeo. I am so blessed to do what I love. Let the good times roll,” Morris exclaimed.

Obviously, it’ll be family entertainment at the Circleville Saddle Club Rodeo. Further verification of that is Rollin’s invitation: “We’ll have concessions on site.  Bring your lawn chairs and completely enjoy the action. Camping is welcome, too, in order to make it a full weekend of family fun and relaxation.”

A cowboy day is set to follow Saturday night’s performance.

For a small community saddle club like Circleville to put on such a major attraction is no small endeavor and requires considerable support and cooperation from a wide area, along with the many local volunteers.

Mutton Busting is planned as a special attraction for the kids at the Circleville Rodeo, Friday and Saturday evenings, July 29 and 30, at the Circleville Saddle Club Arena. An eager group of “Little Clowns” is anxious to assist with protecting the sheep riders and likely providing ample spectator entertainment to boot. (Photo by Susan Rollins.)