Family Bull Riding Event Becomes Major Successful Community Endeavor

What began as a personal love for the sport and the business involved has become a community event.

Kim Reyer had an inborn fondness for rodeos, prodded by the hometown Flint Hills Rodeo at Strong City. His adrenalin flowed when bulls bucked, while inspiring to be a champion cowboy, a winning bull rider.

Flint Hills Genetics is a family bucking bull breeding operation at Strong City. The partners include (left to right) Adam, Kelsey and Lakin Spain; Kim, Lana and Wyatt Reyer; and Jenna, Tate, Karlie and Kyle Gibb.
Flint Hills Genetics is a family bucking bull breeding operation at Strong City. The partners include (left to right) Adam, Kelsey and Lakin Spain; Kim, Lana and Wyatt Reyer; and Jenna, Tate, Karlie and Kyle Gibb.

Far from an unusual inspiration, the Chase County youth followed his dream of sorts. Reyer climbed on a number of bulls in Midwest amateur circuits collecting limited prize payback.

Professional life and family soon made its calling, so Reyer’s competition craze when by-side, most common and typical of those wanting to be rodeo cowboys as livelihood.

But, the love of bull riding just would not leave Kim Reyer, despite heavy odds against the childhood cowboy fantasy.

Reyer with wife Lana and their children and grandchildren became partners in Flint Hills Genetics. That’s a rodeo bucking bull breeding, production, and developing operation.

Seed stock acquisition was largely through Jimmy Crowther, Roxbury, first of JC Rodeo Company and now also New Frontier Rodeo Company.

The rodeo producer, and bucking bull breeder in his own right, provided significant creative stimulus for management of the Reyer family’s young rodeo bull business.

As Flint Hills Genetics-produced bulls became rodeo competition age and caliber, the buckers were included in the Crowther rodeo string on occasion.

Forever an entrepreneur, anything rodeo and bucking bulls, Reyer and family partners were determined to show their best on the home court.

“We started the Flint Hills Blowout, a jackpot bull riding event seven years ago, right here in Strong City,” Reyer reflected. “It’s been a lot of work, with ample setbacks, but each year the quality of bulls, cowboys and spectator attendance and appeal has increased.”

Most notably, the Flint Hills Blowout is much more than a family’s endeavor. “It’s a community event. We didn’t even think about that aspect of the bull riding initially,” Reyer admitted.

“But, we’re so proud to have so many people anxious to help in every way imaginable. In reality, we couldn’t have the Flint Hills Bull Blowout without so much support from so many,” Reyer credited.

In appreciation for such ample increasing encouragement, the Reyer family is doing their part to give back to the community and area youth.

“Several FFA chapters including Chase County and Council Grove are selling tickets for this year’s Flint Hills Bull Blowout which is scheduled Saturday evening, Sept. 10. One half of the ticket cost will be retained by the FFA chapters as a major part of their own fund raising efforts,” Reyer said.

“The FFA members and advisors are really excited to be involved in this worthwhile community attraction, and to be able to assist with it, while expanding their own treasuries for additional agriculture projects,” Reyer verified.

Athletic programs are a big part of rural communities, and the local Booster Club in Chase County provides seemingly endless support to those young athletes.

“To further give back to the community and our youth, the Booster Club will again provide a barbecue to kick-off the Flint Hills Bull Blowout. All of the proceeds from that supper and the evening’s concessions will go to the Booster Club,” Reyer informed.

Children are the future of the country and the sport of rodeo and bull riding. Thus, several especially planned youth activities kick off the Flint Hills Bull Blowout this year.

“At 6:30, prior to the bull riding, we’re planning a mutton busting, actually a sheep riding contest for kids six and under,” Reyer said.

At intermission of the actual bull riding competition, a chicken scramble is planned for children 10 and under.

“These two children activities have proven especially popular for not only the kids, their parents, grandparents and family, but also everybody in the bleachers,” Reyer said.

Bull riding cowboys from throughout the country are already verifying participation in this year’s competition, September 10, Strong City, starting at 7 o’clock.

“We’ll have $1,000 added money added to the payout  as special incentive to attract the best riders,” Reyer said.

While Flint Hills Genetics will be supplying prime of their production in the bucking bull draw, again New Frontier Rodeo Company is listed as the main bucking bull stock contractor.

Reyer’s Country Store, just across Highway 50 from the famed Flint Hills Rodeo Arena, initiated by the Emmet Roberts family of rodeo champions, will also be involved in the bull riding sponsorship.

“Dozens of individuals and businesses are helping in every way imaginable. We thank them so much,” Reyer expressed appreciation.

Additional information is available from Reyer at 620-273-6229.