Cowboy Spirit Takes Ambitious Entrepreneur To Shows, Promotions, Writing, And Will Rogers Tributes

While he doesn’t mount up often these day, actually never has too much, Charley Green is a cowboy at heart.

“I’ve always loved the ‘cowboy way,’ and have many acquaintances who are cowboys,” admitted Green, known over a wide area and headquartering now at Overland Park.charley-green

With a long list of leadership entrepreneurships, Green is perhaps best recognized these days for his Will Rogers of the Plains tribute shows.

Yet, Green also is very involved in special event promotions, is a published Western book writer, does programs and sings about cowboys and rural living as well as coordinating the Day of the Cowboy celebrations.

Green grew up in the Kansas Flint Hills, had a military career, acquired business and education degrees from Emporia State University, served in college administration and worked in the real estate industry.

“My concern about the substantial debt many college graduates incur in pursuing a degree inspired me to write Debt-Free College Education,” Green said.

It outlines various issues pertaining to college cost, impact of student debt as well as suggesting ways to minimize reliance upon student loans and credit card debt.

Professional speaking and writing began later in Green’s life as he shares, in an inspirational, humorous and informational way, direct reflection of his life experiences.

“I tell stories about various people I’ve met along the way,” Green said. “Some of those who inspired me. Others opened doors. A few tried to discourage me.”

The true tales illustrate Green’s various life situations which challenged the depth of his faith as well as those events that gave him hope, inspiration and courage to follow his dreams.

The Will Rogers’ shows Green presents convey a common sense approach, with a dash of humor tossed in. When talking or writing about his life experiences. Green confesses to being a “professional writer and lifelong dreamer.”

“My fascination and inquiry into the life of Will Rogers began when I found myself being compared to the man,” Green said. “I guess it was because I tell my stories based on personal experiences that usually include a lesson of life along with a dash of humor.”

Then, Green visited the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma. “It represents the achievements of an individual who embraced values, wisdom and humor, from his early days on through his later life. The museum features vaudeville, movies, radio, and the people Will Rogers met on his journey.

“It’s a marvelous trip through a significant period of time in our country’s history portraying the impact one man had upon our nation,” Green evaluated.

“Will Rogers liked people, and he never forgot his roots. Consequently, Will Rogers was able to connect with folks in a way most politicians, heads of states and those in high places could not,” Green said.

Considering Will Rogers a consummate networker, Green said, “Through his contacts, friendships and cowboy persona, Will Rogers was able to open doors, access and befriend the influential, the powerful, the wealthy or the cowboy on the trail.”

Not claiming to a Will Rogers impersonator, Green said, “I’m just a storyteller who’s been influenced, inspired and mesmerized by the speaking, writings, and wisdom of Mr. Rogers.”

Working to blend his thoughts, quotes and anecdotes with Will Roger’s relaxed style of just talking to folks, Green insists that preparation is essential.

“It seems the more prepared one is the more natural it sounds. The same with the few songs I include in my programs. I find I must practice, practice, practice,” Green said.

As a writer and book author, Green said “I enjoy the creativeness of putting down on paper the many experiences and stories that have occurred in my life. Stories that have influenced my journey and may help others realize they are not alone on their path of life and to see the humor as a part of those experiences.”

Evaluating his appreciation for cowboys, Green said, “I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy and the Cowboy Way and Code of the West always seem to be a guiding part of me. I love sharing what I do and feel blessed I’ve been able to realize a dream and experience ‘The Cowboy Way’ as well as meeting some great folks along the trail.”

Desiring to be a “great granddad and role model for his three grandchildren,” Green said,
“I intend to live my life so they believe it is possible to achieve a dream and encourage them to excel at what they are called to do. I guess it’s important for me to leave a legacy so folks remember that I was here.”

Performing in locally filmed commercials, movies and voiceover work, Green’s goals are to become a spokesperson for a national company, and perform in a major Western movie.

Green can be contacted at 913-648-7408, or