Conference Features Panelists Reviewing Variables Affecting Farm Profits

Financing, markets, and weather have the greatest impact on farm profitability.

Whichever order one desires to put the priority, each is essential to surviving in agriculture.

Thus, Kelly Lenz, longtime farm director at WIBW, has lined up a panel to review each of those topics.

It’s the WIBW Radio Farm Profit Conference Wednesday evening, Feb. 8, at Hillsboro High School, 500 East Grand, in Hillsboro.

Ricky Roberts, Marion County Extension agent, has done much of the legwork with Lenz in logistics to get the evening program coordinated.

Best thing about the seminar, other than the important information to be presented, is that all farmers and ranchers are welcome, and it’s free, according to Lenz.

Doors are to open at 5:30, for everybody to view the many displays of nearly two dozen program sponsors, leading agriculture businesses from throughout the Midwest.

They’re providing the supper that will be at 6 o’clock with the presentations beginning about 6:45.

Darrell Holaday

Highlight speaker is the well-known WIBW marketing commentator Darrell Holaday of Country Futures at Frankfort.

Holaday misses no punches and is never shy expressing opinions and advising philosophies of where the markets have been, why they’re where there at, and his documented forecast for where commodity prices are headed. His presentation at Hillsboro has been titled with the question “Which Way Do We Go?”

Utilizing all modern technology and equipment, sky-high crop yields are possible for today’s farmer. But, Mother Nature still always has the upper hand. There’ll be no crop if it doesn’t rain, and many other weather factors markedly sway bushels in the bin, too.

Mary Knapp

Mary Knapp, assistant state climatologist from Kansas State University, will offer speculations of what those influencing factors will be for the upcoming growing season in her “2017 Weather Outlook.”

To be a farmer today requires funds to operate, and that necessitates close work with the banker. Parry Briggs, northeast Kansas regional vice president for Frontier Farm Credit, will provide advice for improving those negotiations when he reviews “Working With Your Lender During Tough Times.”

Parry Briggs

Now, the cooks at Hillsboro are getting supper ready, but they want to make sure there’s plenty for everybody to have a heaping farmer plateful. So, supper count requires advance registrations and should be made through Robert’s office at 620-382-2325, or email

More good news too, sponsorships for the WIBW Farm Profit Conference are still available for radio advertising, recognition, displays, and visiting with all the farm folks in attendance by calling 785-228-7259, or emailing frank.buchman@wibwradio.