Morris County 4-H Foundation Anniversary Celebration Planned

Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Morris County 4-H Foundation sponsoring activities of 4-H club members is planned Friday evening, April 7, at 7 o’clock, in the fairgrounds community building.

All persons interested in the Morris County 4-H program have been extended an invitation to attend the evening supper program.

Top 4-H Club Day numbers will be presented, along with a review of assistance the foundation has provided 4-H members through the years.

Supported strictly by member donations, the Morris County 4-H Foundation has provided help for more than 2,000 4-H members to participate in special 4-H activities.

A total of $37,225 has been given in 103 Morris County 4-H Foundation Scholarships to 4-H club members.

Anniversary supper celebration reservations of $11 per meal, with checks payable to the Morris County 4-H Foundation, should be mailed by March 29th to Connie Burton, 1867 C Avenue, White City KS 66872.

Information is available by emailing