Longest Continuous Annual County Fair, That’s The Franklin County Fair This Week At Ottawa

Most likely there won’t be any ears of corn big enough to ride on as in the accompanying photograph.

However, there’ll be plenty of corn, agriculture entries, excitement and entertainment for all at the 152nd Franklin County Fair in Ottawa, promised Darcy Hahn, fair official-promoter.

“Again, it’s country pride, county wide, for the longest continuous fair in the state, kicking off Wednesday, July 19, and continuing through Saturday evening, July 23,” Hahn said.

While a full slate of most competitive agriculture, livestock and home economics exhibits will be displayed, special evening entertain is also planned.

Kickoff for those specials is the Youth Rodeo Wednesday, the 19th, beginning at 5 o’clock.

Cowboys and cowgirls from throughout the country will be pulling in to compete at the rodeo Thursday and Friday evenings, the 20th and 21st. Sanctioned by the United Rodeo Association, action begins at 8 o’clock.

However, one of the most anticipated fair attractions is always the barbecue, and it’ll be a unique welcome for rodeo contestants and fans as well as the traditionalists alike. Supper begins with all of the country trimming at 5 o’clock.

Pay time for all youth livestock exhibitors at this year’s is the special Livestock Auction Saturday afternoon at 4 o’clock.

Smoke, metal crashing, engines roaring, whooping and hollering are verification the annual Demolition Derby is underway at 7 o’clock. Advice is to get there early as the seats will be filling up fast.

No extra seats are anticipated when it’s Demolition Derby time, Saturday evening, July 23, climaxing the country pride, county wide Franklin County Fair, starting July 19, at Ottawa.

Home grown produce is to be available each evening, Thursday through Saturday, at the Food Garden, from 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock.

What’s a hometown fair without a carnival? So, Franklin County’s carnival runs every evening, Wednesday through Saturday. Most important to some, perhaps many, “Every night is bracelet night.” Buy a bracelet and ride everything there is there.

Now, what about that big ear of corn? Popular photographer W.H. “Dad” Martin created exaggerated post cards early last century, right in Ottawa, Kansas.

They became popular throughout the country, often mailed around the world, when it cost a penny to mail a penny postcard. This one promoted the Franklin County Fair, and it’s in the collection at the Old Depot Museum in Ottawa.

Popular photographer W.H. “Dad” martin created exaggerated post cards right in Ottawa early last century. This one promoted the Franklin County Fair, and it’s in the collection at the Old Depot Museum in Ottawa