Two Certainties With Reprieve

“Nothing is certain, but death and taxes.”

A famous quote often heard and repeated with frequency.

Benjamin Franklin generally gets credit for the comment in 1789. Yet, others claim earlier variations.

Politician Daniel Defoe, supposedly in 1776, said: “Things as certain as death and taxes can be more firmly believed.”

Author Christopher Bullock was credited in 1718: “Tis impossible to be sure of anything but death and taxes.”|

Well, taxes are definite, and essential. Many of today’s services would not exist without the government taking a pinch out of every transaction. The amount they grab is what hurts.

Fuel costs are high, still added taxes are what take them to extreme.  Those with oil wells certainly aren’t getting rich in most cases anymore.

Real stinger is extremeness of sales taxes. There’s federal nip, plus state, then local add-ons, county, township, city, really just can’t keep track of them all.

Whatever they’re tacking on the equation, it’s very high percentage of cost for anything. Anybody who sells something has to get their markup to pay overhead and make a living, tariff causes the pain.

“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets,” according to Will Rogers.

(Unrelated, sharply remember the times had opportunity to portray that trick roper-politician in local plays. Sure can’t spin the rope like he did, but bet his too-tight-khakis never split during a performance either. Fortunate the spotlight man was quick to shutdown.)

Reports as longtime acquaintance-friend Sam prepares for move back to the big city highlight improved state finances. Enough taxes collected for economic balance to leave as a champion.

Another’s take: “Everyone one dies, but not everyone lives. No matter what, you will always have to pay taxes. There will never be a time where this won’t occur.”

Then the opinion: “Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. And in, Donald Trump’s case lies.” Indeed, he does put foot in big mouth often.

Appreciated belief: “Constant, like death and taxes, people want good stories.” Pleasant efforts continue to fulfill that.

Yes, death is certainty. No one has lived bodily forever, yet with best consolation.

Reminded of Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”