‘Cricket County Housewives’ Tickling Funny Bones For Lecompton Pride’s Theatre Shows

“Welcome to Cricket County, the land that cool forgot.”

That’s Brenda Hastert’s official invitation to the Lecompton Community Pride Theater Group’s annual Christmas Comedy Production.

The Christmas comedy “Real Housewives of Cricket County” will be presented by Lecompton community actors, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 18-19, at the Lecompton Community Pride Building.

“The Real Housewives of Cricket County will be presented by our community actors Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 18-19, at the Lecompton Community Pride Building,” explained Hastert, hardworking member of the historic community’s Pride committee.

“With characters named Bodeana and Chigger, what’s not to love?” Hastert questioned. “The gals think being a housewife is the highest callin’ there is.

“They’re happy with their cookin’, gardein’, cleanin’ lifestyle with neighbor-spyin’ and coon-huntin’ on the side, until ‘richer’n clabbered cream’ Monica Northcutt crashes their annual Christmas party with her women’s right spiel,” Hastert forewarned.

The Lecompton community’s two performances at 620 Woodson are Saturday evening at 6 o’clock, and Sunday afternoon.

“We’ll have a Sunday dinner for those who want to come out at 1 o’clock and the show begins at 2 o’clock,” Hastert said. “However, those intending to come for the show only, doors open at 1:30.”

Not really wanting to “reveal the whole story behind the community performance,” Hastert said, “Cricket County discontent brews faster’n a jar of sun tea, and suddenly cookin’ frog legs don’t look so appealing.

“Though the gals say if you offered their husbands a penny for their thoughts, you’d get back change, the good ol’ boys have the last word as they show their wives the true meaning of beauty: contentment,” Hastert smiled.

“There’ll be fun side gags involving a snowman and “muscadine juice,” she added.

Of course there’s limited seated for both the Saturday evening performance, and the dinner show matinee.

Thus, reservations are required and must be made by calling 785-887-6691.

Theatre play cast and crew from the Lecompton Community Pride group include Allyson Christman, Amy Domann, Billy Volle, Nora Dunnaway, Ivan Frye, Chris Roush, Greg Howard, Doug Bahnmaier, Mary Stewart, Phil Wizer, Susan hack, Terry Breason, Mary Erickson and Shane Jones.