Old Repaired For Improvement

“Fences don’t last forever.”

That’s a given, but some fences have been around a long time.

Living on this ranch more than 45 years, one north three strand barbed wire fence has been there much longer.

Granted it’s not been put to much use, with a brome on one side and grader ditch the other.

However, several years in the fall portable panels were stretched across the south end so mares grazed the grass.

The fence has largely not served much purpose other than turn back for getaway horses or cattle.

Upkeep has been minimal to none with a number of original posts, several which are crooked hedge.  Often careless tractor driver has gotten too close bending and moving posts breaking wire.

Many wires have been shoddily spliced back together. Actually, there must be a jillion splices with about every kind of barbed wire ever invited.

With desire to keep ranch frontage attractive, that old fence is really an eyesore.

Well, just build a new one would be logical first solution. That’s true disregarding cost, but there’s even bigger dilemma.

The Department of Transportation has decided the highway needs redone widened, straightened, other maneuvering. Supposedly it was going to be done already, but all kinds of funding issues have arisen.

Don’t really know when or even if a new highway will be built. If that should come to pass, no clue how it would affect the ditch, the property line and the fence.

Sure would hate to build a new fence, have it up a couple of years more, less. Then be told the fence has to be one foot or even 100 or more feet one way or another.

So in name of property improvement, decided to cobble up the half-century or older never very good fence.

Well, that is to have the good helper do the work under watchful eye.

Instant argument upon seeking the task completed. “That fence can’t be fixed. It’s all broke, crooked, a mess, impossible.”

The job is to do what can be done as good as possible.

Not easy by a long shot, retaining most of the old, the fence is now much better than before.

Reminded of Second Chronicles 24:13: “So the workmen labored, and the repair work progressed in their hands; they restored and strengthened it.”