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Everyone Receives Christmas’ Best

“That’s my favorite present I ever received.”

This time of year brings reflections of many kinds.

Of course, there are those who remember that special Christmas gift, sometimes one they still have and cherish.

Others think about a certain year when all of the family was together last, or even that one big tree.

Sometimes, it’s seems insignificant to others, but forever a special place in memory of another closest to their heart.

That might be sad passing of a loved one during the season, possibly a most joyous birth or marriage.

The radio program director recalled a toy sleigh filled with candy canes received as a child decades ago. Sentimentality, he remarked, “I ate the candy, but I still have the sleigh.”

For weeks, the younger set has been busy making lists, writing to Mr. Claus, and dropping hints to family.

Yes, at the North Pole, everybody is going every which way. Checking who’s been naughty and nice, what Johnny and Joany want, and their home address changes.

Stableman has eight regular-working reindeer plus Rudolph under strict training regimen for one big night’s flying across the world skies.

Mechanical toys top many ask-lists nowadays. Yet, there are still the traditional requests of generations-gone-by baby dolls, farm sets, cowboy boots, a pistol just like Matt’s.

Santa’s never been able to oblige. But, fortunately, Dad, Mom, sometimes Grandpa, even extraordinaire uncle step up when “A pony is all I want for Christmas.”

It didn’t look much like a real one, but that bright red rocking horse was perfect for a three-year-old already-wannabe-cowboy. Dominoes from a pound coffee can fit his appetite ready for chasing Grandma’s television outlaws across the living room prairie.

It was another eight years before the real horse came, and that wasn’t even Christmas, but a forever appreciated gift.

Aunt Lu was a Christmas baby whose positive influences have always guided continuing today from Heaven above.

Some thought Dynamite, the’69 beige Caprice, was going to a fire honking down Highway 50 for 1970 Christmas Eve.

New to that family’s traditions, grocery boy was welcomed when country girl found a special ring packaged in Dynamite’s trunk.

Christmas celebrates everybody’s best gift of all.

Remember Romans 6:23: “Wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”



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