Legs Sure Are Important

“She has good legs.”

Somehow it seemed an ornery mentor professor’s jive when congratulating him on engagement and upcoming marriage.

Thinking of the comment numerous times since Dr. No18rton, dairy team coach, was in most seriousness about his bride-to-be.

Being just out of college going rambunctious with a young family and pursuing dual careers, being able to get around well was no concern.

It certainly was to a professor looking to retirement with pleasures and enjoyment intended.

Well, the comment of nearly a half century ago has hit home.

After one of the best years ever competing in local horseshows, everything seemed fine in early October.

Then all of a sudden the Big Man upstairs showed his power, whatever it was: “Slow down.”

Never having much any pain in a lifetime, despite falling off way too many times, all of a sudden the left knee hurt.

“Oh, it’s just imagination.” Maybe so, but it still hurt, and seemed to be getting worse.

“It’s just in the head, get the work done, quit complaining.” Never had been to a back cracker, but more than one suggested that was the problem, and he’d cure it with one whack.

That wasn’t the case. The good back doctor gladly accepted the insurance money with co-pay: “Can’t do anything to the back, it’s the knee.”

Okay, okay, maybe it isn’t just in the head.

One look, one pinch by the knee specialist diagnosis: “the knee’s caput.” Maybe a little shot of steroids like those 90-pound jockey use to keep weight off will help.

Needle poke Friday morning and ready to go hot and heavy Saturday horseshow with 22 classes, even won a few.

That one-day-get-by didn’t do the trick though. Next thing, the right knee hurt too, and the medicine man verified no imagination old man, there’s bone and against bone.

The only way to fix that is get them replaced. “Well, that’s a major ordeal, there are horses to ride.” Nothing’s ever going to improve, so best get it taken care of now.

Well, two hours under the knife, woke up, walked that day, walking daily. “He has good legs.”

Reminded of Proverbs 26:7: “Like the legs which are useless to the lame, so is a proverb in the mouth of a fool who cannot learn from its wisdom.”