Season’s Change On Horizon

“Spring is in the air.”

Nearly two weeks before official start, the robins are searching for worms. Already green sprigs show through yesteryear’s dry grass.

Always contending fall was the best time because one could catch up on undone chores, attitude seems to have altered. Hadn’t thought about season’s changes until Grandma Davis’ funeral decades ago, when the pastor commented spring was her favorite time.

She anticipated the new flowers, birds chirping and planting a garden. Yes, spring does bring anticipation of more calves, colts, and lush pastures.

Seemingly everybody has the feeling as stores have potted plants for sale. Business was so brisk at one location, demand fast exceeded availability. Almost no sooner had filled carts been wheeled in, they were empty with Green Thumbs eager to plant.

No thought given that this is still winter, and there could be many freezes in days ahead. Contention obviously is “Oh, we’ll just plant some more.” That’s good news meaning more business for the flower and vegetable starters.

 Can’t help but remember one of the biggest snow storms in recent times was March 8, 1998. It was snowing when cow chores started 10 miles from headquarters. Done and headed back, intensity expanded as wind blew huge drifts until finally the truck would go no further.

Stranded in the blizzard before cell phones were ever heard about, fortunately there was a farm home in sight. Treacherous walking through the blistery downfall and near hip drifts, knock on the door brought a welcome inside.

Calls were made to wondering family unable to provide any assistance as conditions worsened. The farmer and his wife provided warm congenial supper and bed for the night.

Morning brought bright sun almost a pretty sight despite the truck up the road barely visible in the drifts. Crews were soon at work, but it was many hours before roads became passable.

Cold, snow-covered cows were anxious to finally see the feed truck arrive later than usual.

That brings reflections of even earlier winters when snow drifts accumulated higher than the truck cab. Only way to get cows fed was wait until county graders cleared the route.

Spring has always come one way or the other.

Reminded of Psalm 147:18: “He gives the command and it all melts; He breathes on winter, suddenly it’s spring.”