Morris County 4-H Foundation Influential Support Recognized

Positive return on investment was most apparent when 4-H club members presented the program at the 32nd annual Morris County 4-H Foundation Recognition Banquet Friday evening at the Fairgrounds Community Building in Council Grove.

Incorporated in 1975, the Morris County 4-H Foundation entirely with voluntary membership, gifts and memorials has supported increasing number of 4-H members in educational and leadership endeavors to be pattern for many throughout the country.

Trustees were hosts for the evening with the Carolyn Andres serving as banquet chairman. Servers were Morris County 4-H Ambassadors: Avery Lee and Justine Lee, Dwight Sunflowers 4-H Club, and Carissa Dalquest and Makenzie Downes, Flint Hills 4-H Club.

Larry Johnson, Foundation president, verified accomplishments of Morris County 4-H members in welcoming remarks,

Vice President Cynthia Schrader coordinated and introduced the program featuring 4-H members with top presentations at the recent County 4-H Club Day.

Zach Andres, and Mark Andres, both of the Dwight Sunflowers 4-H Club, led the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge respectively.

Macey Hensley, Burdick Hustlers 4-H Club, presented a reading about George Washington’s false teeth. A team demonstration by Chase and Colton Bacon of the Flint Hills 4-H Club emphasized the importance of saying “no” to peer pressure.

Cassidy Dalquest, Flint Hills 4-H Club, talked about her 4-H buymanship project, and Joey Andres, Dwight Sunflowers 4-H Club, presented a trombone solo.

Flint Hills Extension District Agriculture Agent Lori Bammerlin, with office at the courthouse, gave a Morris County 4-H Update. She recognized that the Foundation paid enrollment fees for a number of 4-H club members, presented scholarships and assisted in funding for several camps.

The Morris County 4-H Foundation is often designated for memorials upon passing of loved ones who’ve had influential affiliations through 4-H. Appreciation recognition included Alberta Heideman, Patron Memorial, and Max Brown, Silver Memorial.

Patron Awards went to Jean Kraus, Stacey Lee and Gordon Morrison.

Receiving Bronze Awards were Burdick Hustlers 4-H Club, Stuart Collier, LaNelle R. Frey, John and Joanne Gieswein, Marjorie Strouts, Tiffany Cattle Company, and Steve and Carol Tiffany.

Silver Awards were presented to Duane and Debbie Blythe, Gary and Connie Burton, and the late John and Martha White.

Honored with Gold Awards were Lindley Johnson, D Moore and Richard and Phyllis Visser.

Prior to stepping down last year, Mary Alice Waylan served many years as a trustee and as secretary of the Foundation. In a special presentation, President Larry Johnson recognized Mrs. Waylan for her longtime service. She was accompanied to the banquet by her daughter Ann Brackenridge and granddaughter Cora Brackenridge.

Trustee Valerie Woodall gave the Nominating Committee Report, with Frank Buchman, Mary Ellerman and Cynthia Schrader then re-elected to serve on the Morris County 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees for three year terms.

Deb and Dale Heideman and Sharon Heideman accepted the Alberta Heideman Patron Memorial Award at the Morris County 4-H Foundation Recognition Banquet in Council Grove. (Photo by Shandi Andres.)
During the Morris County 4-H Foundation Banquet in Council Grove, Larry Johnson, Foundation president, presented a special appreciation award to Mary Alice Waylan for her many years as a Foundation trustee serving as secretary for several terms. Mrs. Waylan was accompanied to the banquet by her daughter Ann Brackenridge and granddaughter Cora Brackenridge. (Photo by Shandi Andres.)
Richard and Phyllis Visser were presented the Gold Award during the Morris County 4-H Foundation Recognition Banquet in Council Grove. (Photo by Shandi Andres.)
During the Morris County 4-H Foundation Banquet in Council Grove, Gary and Connie Burton were presented the Silver Award. Steve Buchman accepted the Max Brown Silver Memorial Award. (Photo by Shandi Andres.)
John and Joanne Gieswein were honored with the Bronze Award at the Morris County 4-H Foundation Banquet in Council Grove, with Joanne there to accept the plaque. (Photo by Shandi Andres.)