Excuse For Bad Penmanship

“Poor handwriting has gotten much worse in recent weeks.”

Some people never did learn to write. A number of older acquaintances from youthful days would only sign with an “X” when signature was required.

Despite dedicated teachers’ daily writing classes, certain students still didn’t write legibly. Now it’s even being reported students aren’t even being taught how to write. Evidently certain educators surpass this very essential tool insisting everybody uses a computer. It’s impossible to personally sign one’s name with a computer.

Anyway all of the diligent efforts of at least eight grade school teachers have gone astray. Lessons on how to hold the pencil, correct diagonal of every letter are no good anymore. The writing hand just will not close to grasp the writing instrument.

That middle figure the two-year-old filly jerked and broke 30 years ago is the worst. But, the rest of the fingers are now in similar predicament.

For decades all those stories about arthritis went to the wayside until now there is the problem. True excuse for illegible penmanship, but there are considerably more issues, too.

It’s often impossible to pick up anything without risk of dropping it. That’s from a piece of paper to a fork to a cup of coffee.

What is this crazy arthritis doctors have diagnosed, but not been any help in relieving pain or improving writing?

Evidently those in the medical field don’t know much more about it than anybody else. One admitted, “Arthritis is very common, but not well understood.”

Another doctor reading from his computer said, “Actually, arthritis is not a single disease. It is a way of referring to joint pain or joint disease.”

Come to find out there are more than 100 different types of arthritis. It’s just not a problem for worn out old wannabe cowboys.

People of all ages, sexes and races can and do have arthritis, more often in senior years. It’s claimed to be the leading cause of disability in America.

Worst yet arthritis may stay the same, but more than likely progress get worse.

Not much promise of improved penmanship or doing much more with the right hand.

Somebody advised, “Keep squeezing that tension ball, and it’ll keep arthritis at bay.” Okay.

Still optimistically reminded of Psalm 59:29: “I’m hurt and in pain, give me healing.”