Doors Open For Opportunities

“Promise for new beginnings down life’s many highways and varied directions.”

That the message from commencement speakers in recent days. Not any different than every year for decades, likely centuries.

Sure enough truth and soundest advice for those so very excited about successfully completing another educational objective.

When special gradations recognitions and scholarships are bestowed, it wouldn’t be that hard for some to get a big head. “I’m famous. Look at all I’ve done.”

Certainly it’s amazing the accomplishments of those who’ve walked across the stage shaking hands this month.

That sheepskin is truly a valuable piece of paper and will help open countless doors throughout a lifetime. They’re opportunities which wouldn’t have ever come without hours, days, months, years, midnight crams studying, rewarded with honorable report cards.

School days are truly some of the very best times ever. It’s incomprehensible those who contend: “I hate school.”

Perhaps one might heavily dislike the book learning, testing, demand to study what is being taught. Yet, education is really only a small part of school.

The vast experiences from schooldays are with one forever. In maturity, reflections come of fun times and even perhaps not always good days with classmates as long as 63 years ago. There’s nothing period that could ever replace those so very fond memories.

In recent days, that’s come to mind when birthdates of friends who’ve passed on are acknowledged. There are more than a dozen who attended classes together for 13 years. Perhaps a couple more extending four years through college graduation.

With all that time together, they are still quite well known acquaintances. Even when one hasn’t seen another for 40 years, conversation often strikes up like it’d just been a few days. There’s some kind of knowing, admiring appreciation.

Reunion time is traditionally this season as well with anticipation of again remembering all those great years gone by.

Graduation is starting over with the early book studies only a tiny foundation for what will be learned every day after. More so has that become fact with ever rapidly changing technology.

Yes, there will be even greater accomplishments, more exciting times, unforgettable experiences, some never imaginable in the wildest dreams. Essential to grasp every opportunity there is.

Reminded of Proverbs 12:27: “A precious possession is diligence recognizing opportunities and seizing them.”