Cost For Water Insignificant

“The water quit running all of a sudden.”

That loud exclamation always sends alarm around the ranch house and barnyard.

While it’s happened a number of times in nearly five decades, fortunately there haven’t been many recent issues.

Of course, personal concerns come to mind first. The toilet won’t flush, there’s no faucet water to drink or shave with and no way to take a bath.

In reality, those are minor problems compared to the livestock being without water. Right now, there are only a handful of horses in the lots. But, days gone by, sometimes cattle and hog numbers have been a hundred or more. Livestock must have water.

Fixing anything to do with the water system is obviously a plumber’s job. Yet, sometimes a electricity blink causes breakdown requiring simple switch shut off and on. It was more complicated this time.

What made the problem even worse, it was Saturday morning. Getting somebody to come to a ranch is often complex in itself, but on a weekend can become a nightmare.

“Let’s see, who put the water pump in?” Obviously, that’s the first one to be called. His machine answered, and message was left.

Phone books are almost a thing of the past, at least with useful numbers. So, the computer that gets its share of bad mouthing was opened to locate other plumbers.

Actually, there were a handful listed, and some were familiar having used their services years ago.

Starting at the top of the list, several calls were answered each with a reason service couldn’t be provided. One promised to call if any weekend time opened up, and another said “call Monday.”

Experience with waterline concerns during the winter, the ranch foreman offered to see if he could help. Unable to repair it, he knew another plumber to call who wasn’t on the list.

That retired gentleman not too far up the country road quickly obliged the need for help. It did take his ladder truck to reach the broken part. But, the repair was fast and simple for somebody who knew what they were doing.

No problem paying the bill for congenial professional service. It’s sure good to have water.

Reminded of Revelation 22:17: “Let the one who is thirsty come and drink the water of life without cost.”