His Plan Works Again

“Just set the GPS, and it’ll give easy to follow directions.”

That was the advice, and there is one of those thingamajigs somewhere, but it has to be programmed to work. That takes a computer guru of sorts to do, and nobody’s done it. There’ve been agitated scowls from family giving the gadget, yet it’s still unused.

For naiveties like certain older cowboys, GPS means Global Positioning System. When working, it gives verbal instructions: “Stop here, turn there,” and so forth.

This is known from riding with others who have such gizmos. Those following orders still often end up far from intended destination.

So back to the old fashioned way: road map. Shyly admit computer advice was also sought, despite it generally being wrong, too.

That printout was complemented with the on-ranch professional truck driver’s advice.  Adding in tad reflection of city driving days gone-by, there was a large black ink handwritten plan of pursuit.

It worked until Exit 16 was Road 77, instead of 235, but realizing that, a turnaround sent back on course. Yep, the next Exit 16B was the one to make a right turn on.

Central Exit was followed by a right hand turn which went back to the ranch instead of where planned. Intuition informed “that’s wrong,” and returned to the main thorough-way soon finding the West Exit.

Written orders were to turn right, but that just went into the country, not more city streets. Another turnaround holding breath all the way several miles, finally a little bitty sign Taft.

It has to be right not left and sure enough after another five minutes there was a church on the right.

Wrong name in large letters on the fancy stone block square facility. But, a little 18-inch-by-18-inch small type makeshift poster in the southeast corner of the lot verified this was the place.

Good thing three hours were allowed for travel, arriving in ample time for the service.

Unlike Boston, Seattle, the Perry, Georgia, airport, that four-section pasture, and the state fair parking lot, really never was completely lost.

Truth be known, a number prayers were said, along with many groans, thus must give credit where due. GPS: God’s Plan Succeeds.

Reminded of Psalm 57:2: “I will cry to God who accomplishes all things on my behalf in His plan.”