Consoling Lost Love’s Grievers

“What can one do when a best friend’s spouse passes away?”

Nobody wants to think about that because nobody wants it to happen.

While serious sickness severity was made known, shock overcomes everyone when actuality befalls.

Stresses were heavy on all of the family of course heaviest to the lovely always most congenial ailing wife.

Most caring husband, son and daughter bore the torment as their own, perhaps even more painful, certainly heartfelt.

Treatments early on showed promise despite side effects maybe not so physically unbearable yet highly toxic for all. Reminded once more anything that is meant to destroy another in whatever form is always extremely hazardous from every aspect.

Remission was even confirmed for a short period, but then overriding detrimental powers returned.

Additional medical endeavors were deemed possible, but already proven medications had been exhausted. What would be ahead was strictly experimental with certain most undesirable physical consequences for the sick and caregivers.

Toughest decision ever was made to forego those seemingly horrible repercussions putting the future entirely into God’s hands.

Knowing the suffering all were bearing, contact was minimized as to not expand their burdens yet always with most concerned thoughts.

A saddest Monday morning call from the family advised of her passing a couple of days earlier. Knowing very few details, specific particulars were answered when the best friend responded to a phone message.

Suffering had been intolerable for everyone yet minimally pacified with family-provided homecare.

In her son’s home, the three closest family members took equal turns in always being present at helpful side. Professional health assistance came regularly and was always on call.

Arrangements had been pre-decided to as possible meet every personal desire and request of the lost loved one.

Services at the church where the family worshiped had a most sympathetic gathering of mourners, friends, coworkers and family.

Based on the 23rd Psalm, the pastor’s homily reflected a life of constant optimistic smiling love, admiration, dedication, faith unceasing.

Public comment grievers brought a number to their feet expressing strongest admiration for the life of the lost loved one.

With unrelenting belief of a better life without pain in the hereafter, the family’s loss becomes realization. They must have unyielding consoling from friends and acquaintances.

Reminded of John 3:16: “Whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life.”