Cure Don’t Cover It

“Just take a pill, that’ll fix whatever the problem is.”

That advice is prevalent today from whomever, wherever it’s being heard from. Be it television commercials, print ads, true friends, family, somebody on the street corner. Even sadly as well from medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and assistants.

Half a century ago for those who had a TV, reflections are that most advertising centered on cigarettes and beer. Some of those were outlawed, even though specific liquors and fake smokes of some sort are being promoted again.

Now, on certain stations, all kinds of medications, mostly what might even be considered miracle pills, are advertised.

For naiveties, it’s difficult to figure out what the drugs are supposed to remedy. Still, almost without exception, there are warnings of seemingly worst consequences from taking the pills.

Well, actually, it’s not even always pills recommended, sometimes there are other methods of getting the advertised healing results. Warnings caution the drugs can cause heart attacks, swelling, headaches, fever, more different hurt, pain someplace else.

Guilty of following directions this time, two handfuls of pills are swallowed every day. Have no idea what most of them are for or called, unlike some who rattle off all the names.

However, there are certain ones that really do work. Legs ache and shoulder hurts take two pills then sure enough the wrenching throb goes away in just a short time. Can’t help but think it’s imagination, but somehow someway there’s sure relief for a while.

Regardless, covering up the problem with a pill is not the answer. The real solution is curing the ailment, fix it, and get rid of the issue, some way or another.

Understanding there are illnesses that remain incurable, and in order to live without constant unbearable pain, certain pills are absolutely essential. That’s still a cover up, but like the doctor said, “It’s better to take a pill than hurt.”

Certain philosophies proposing careful diets of only natural foods, unique supplements, vitamins and the like might be helpful sometimes.

However, doctors are still essential to overall health. Yet, they are just human, despite being more educated and smarter, and don’t have all the solutions. The diagnosis is not “take a pill.”

Reminded of Isaiah 14:3: “When that day comes, there will be relief from your pain and suffering.”