Wildlife Appreciation And Conservation Days Educational, Fun Attractions For All

“Let’s get these kids off the couch and outdoors.”

That’s Bruce Burenheide, longtime serving in management at Bluestem Farm & Ranch Supply of Emporia.

He’s encouraging and inviting children of all ages, even those most mature often over-exercising rocking chairs, to participate in the 16th annual Wildlife Appreciation and Conservation Days, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 7-8.

The educational and fun attractions are being hosted by the farm and ranch business serving the Flint Hills for more than 57 years.

 “We work to make this a fun event for everybody,” Burenheide emphasized. “That’s especially the children, who often just don’t know, understand and appreciate the entire wonderful outdoors.”

No matter how short, or how young, or how tall, or how old, everybody can test their shooting skills with laser-guns and air-rifles at the Wildlife Appreciation and Conservation Days, September 7-8, in Emporia.

Among the conservation groups to be in attendance include Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Fishing’s Future, National Wild Turkey Federation, Lyon County Soil Conservation, Kansas Hunter Education, Camp Alexander, Kansas Fur Harvesters, Kansas Muzzleloaders, Kansas State Rifle Association, the Beau Arndt Foundation, and others.

“These important organizations come into the store, set up booths and welcome an opportunity to meet everyone to explain about the importance of wildlife and conservation to the region,” Burenheide said.

“How much is an opossum pelt really worth?” will be answered by Kansas Fur Harvesters during the Wildlife Appreciation and Conservation Days, September 7-8, at Bluestem Farm & Ranch Supply in Emporia.

“Officials from the Kansas Wildlife and Parks will have their laser shooting booth for everyone to test their skills on all kinds of game and targets,” Burenheide explained. “There’ll be an air-rifle range, and the Kansas Bow Hunters will have an archery shooting range here.”

Representatives from several manufacturers who offer products in the store’s sporting goods department will have displays.  Some of these are knives, fishing equipment, guns, archery, wild game calls, decoys, storage cabinets, outer ware and ammunition.

Gas-fueled grills are to be set up outdoors for a hot dog stand with beef and beans for brunch, dinner, or early supper.

“All proceeds from the stand will be divided among the conservation groups,” Burenheide related.

There will be drawings for prizes, with the grand prize being a Thompson Centerfire rifle, Burenheide stated.

Information can be found at www.bluestemfarmandranch.com.

Bows and arrows were all the Indians had to harvest buffalo, deer and even rabbits for food and protection two centuries ago. Today, archery hunting is truly the ultimate sport for heart-and-sole outdoors men, women and children. All can test their abilities at the Kansas Bow Hunters display during the 16th annual Wildlife Appreciation and Conservation Days, September 7-8, in Emporia.