No Control Over Weather

“After every dry spell, there’s a wet spell.”

“A drought has never lasted forever.”

“It’s always rained sometime when it got good and ready.”

“Every drought is followed by rain.”

Those old-timers’ familiar philosophies have sure been proven true again.

Now like it’s continually been throughout time, comments have made a complete turnaround.

A few weeks ago most questioned: “Is it ever going to rain?”

In the past several days none too few have evaluated: “I sure wish it would quit raining.” Others posed it: “Is this rain ever going to stop?”

Then, more than one commented: “All of these cloudy, wet, dreary days make everyone so grumpy. It’s depressing. People are getting stressed out.”

Solution, “We need some bright blue skied sunny days again.”

Honest evaluation is, “Rain is always better than no rain.”

For the most part, ranchers can’t get too much moisture. It makes the grass grow while keeping fresh water in the ponds, creeks and springs. Dry ponds again have water, some to overflowing.

Oh, those stockmen who have cropland must have enough dry days for feedstuffs to develop and be harvested.

That’s more so for farmers who need moisture first, then sunshine for grain maturity. It’s the only equation to get bumper yields in the bin.

Certain stockmen aired complaints that continuing pour downs were taking out water gaps. In stream and draw crossings, fences were mended one day, and overnight rains pushed it out again.

Nearly every time, grazing cattle would soon find the hole, making way to the other side. It became almost unending daily workload for some who manage large acreages.

Of course, heartfelt feelings and sympathy go out to those who’ve been devastated by flash flooding. Incomprehensible how one can be in a certain dry locale and within just a few hours the area’s covered by water.

While there’s been extensive damage, losses and hardships locally, the dire situation has been far from uncommon. Weather forecasts for days warned of flash flooding in large portions of the Midwest. Reporting verified that problems were even more intensified in many states.

Nothing one can do about the weather except talk about it and pray for what’s needed most now. It’ll always change some way.

Reminded of Job 37: 6: “No one can control or escape the weather, it’s there.