Family And Friends Of KSU Animal Sciences Set Reunion Friday Evening, Oct. 12

Whoever has been through or even just visited the Animal Sciences and Industry Department (ASI) at Kansas State University become friends.

Those acquaintances made in Weber Hall and livestock learning facilities on the north edge of the Manhattan campus become family.

Certainly seemingly so from those of recent times to most distant ones, some many decades gone by.    

Thus, there’s a big gathering and celebration of the animal sciences department this week.

“The fourth annual ASI Family & Friends Reunion is Friday evening, Oct 12,” announced Angie Denton, communications and marketing specialist.

It’ll again be at the Stanley Stout Center, 2200 Denison Avenue, Manhattan, starting at 5:30.

“We’ll celebrate the K-State ASI family and thank our industry friends for decades of contributions to animal agriculture,” Denton said.

“Last year’s reunion was truly amazing with more than 1,000 family and friends reuniting,” she added.

“While many have sent in early their reservations, walk-in registration will be available,” Denton informed.

Attractions opening at 5:30 are to include “great food,” live music, and a Junior Wildcat Barnyard. “Attendees can view and participate in these feature throughout the evening, and there’ll be more surprises, but no fundraising,” Denton promised.

At 7:30, the “Pride of Wildcat Land Band” will entertain. Everyone will be welcome to stroll through the aisle formed by the band into Stout Center. Standing at attention, hats off, hands over hearts, guests will hear the band’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at 7:55.

 CattleFax, an organization created by cattle producers, has been selected to receive the 2018 Don L. Good Impact Award at 8 o’clock.

The award, presented by the Livestock and Meat Industry Council Inc. (LMIC), is named in honor of Good, a former KSU ASI head.

Started in 1968, CattleFax is a member-owned organization that serves producers in all segments of the cattle and beef business.

For half a century, it has been a global leader in beef industry research, analysis and information. Its exclusive industry database has set the standard for market information and analysis.

Information was critical in the 1960s to cattle producers, who believed their negotiating power for marketing their animals needed improvement. The answer was partially found in mining and sharing data.

“It felt like we needed our own information and data sharing business,” said Randy Blach, CattleFax chief executive officer.

“Cattlemen could see trends more frequently during the year, and also have a double check on the system,” Blach added.

CattleFax’s first market analyst, Topper Thorpe, became the CattleFax general manager in 1972. For 30 years, he provided a steady hand for staff leadership and guidance.

According to Blach, “Topper helped revolutionize both the gathering and sharing of market information in the cattle industry.

“That allowed CattleFax to deliver the most complete, accurate information for beef producers to make better marketing decisions,” Blach continued.

“The CattleFax staff monitors more than just cattle markets,” Blach said. “Grain, weather, beef demand and competing proteins, not just domestically but globally, are carefully monitored.

“That keeping up with the times helps make sure producers have quality information in a timely basis,” Blach said. “Allowing cattlemen to make informed marketing decisions is a daily test for the staff.”

“The Department of Animal Sciences and Industry is pleased to join with LMIC in recognizing CattleFax as the company celebrates 50 years of making contributions to the beef industry,” said Evan Titgemeyer, K-State ASI interim department head.

“We invite our ASI alumni and friends to join us as we recognize CattleFax for their contributions,” Titgemeyer welcomed.

Justin Janssen and Kyle Bauer, LMIC board members, will have a drawing for a Junior Wildcat toy at 9:10.

More information is available online for the K-State Animal Sciences and Industry Family and Friends Reunion at