Always Ready To Help

“How are the calves doing this summer?”

“Did the kids go to the judging contest?”

“What livestock is the family showing at the fair?”

Forever congenially interested in livestock and those who cared for them was Albert Morgan.

His recent passing left a void in heartfelt conscientious livestock production dating to depression times.

Equal to Albert’s dedication to livestock husbandry was belief in youth and programs where they could develop. Learn about the industry, but as importantly leadership and social skills.

There were always fond memories of Albert’s 4-H days, showing livestock, earning nationwide leadership recognition.

Soon, Albert’s Hilltop Hereford Farm also with Poland China hogs was producing seed stock demanded over a wide area.

While Albert was classmate to Uncle Ted, personal first knowledge of Albert was when he married grocery co-worker Gayla.

Albert was a middle-age bachelor-stockman called one Sunday to serve as lay minister where Gayla was pianist.

Accompanying Albert’s hymn singing, Gayla admitted, “I set the trap for him.”  

Widowed mother of three, Gayla was soon to be Albert’s bride as he became stepdad to Cheryl, Sharon and Mike.

 “It was the best day of my life,” Albert always contended.

Of course, the children were 4-H members with ample dual parental coaxing and coaching in everything from household to barnyard.

The family grew with birth of daughter Jennifer, further adding tasks and excitement in 4-H and fair projects. Father-daughter duets to mother’s accompaniment were especial.     

Albert and Gayla came visiting one Sunday afternoon excited about plans to host a livestock judging field day.

Home raised cattle and hogs were complemented by neighbors’ sheep and horses for judging classes. Young participants at first came from counties around with more annually such the event was statewide anticipated within a decade.

Albert was a fixture serving ring crews at livestock shows, attending sales and field days throughout the country.

Sad for Albert and Gayla when they moved into town, but livestock and youth interests never wavered. Lawn chairs provided front row view of shows and sales with many 4-H programs on retirement agenda.

Most humble, devout, faith never ceasing Albert’s foremost commitment to livestock and future generations lives perpetually.  

Reminded of First Timothy 6:19: “To do good to be rich helping others builds a treasury that will last, gaining life that is truly life.”